Natural Treatment and Cure for Oral Lichen Planus

Oral lichen planus is a chronic inflammatory condition that affects the membranes present inside the mouth. It may cause painful, erosive and discomforting lesions. These natural remedies can manage symptoms and reduce risk.

Meenakshi Chaudhary
Dental HealthWritten by: Meenakshi ChaudharyPublished at: Apr 17, 2015
Natural Treatment and Cure for Oral Lichen Planus

Lichen planus is an inflammatory autoimmune disorder which targets the skin or mucous membranes. It may cause white, lacy patches, red swollen tissues or open sores. The exact cause is not known yet but allergies, certain drugs and chemicals can trigger an outbreak, and stress can make it worse.  


Oral Lichen Planus

Although, it cannot be passed from one person to another, it occurs when the immune system attacks cells of the oral mucous membranes for some unknown reason. The lesions may appear on the inside of the cheeks, gums, tongue, inner tissues of the lips and palate and may cause burning sensation or pain. This oral form of the disease affects women twice as often as men. Here are some natural ways to treat and cure oral lichen planus.


The seeds and aerial parts of oats are used to treat nerve pain, skin conditions and nervous exhaustion. When applied topically, oats can relieve itchiness associated with lichen planus. Oats can also be used to reduce stress and prevent outbreak of the disorder. Experts believe that the calming action of oats comes from an indole alkaloid known as gramine. But, you should not ingest oats if you have gluten intolerance.





It is a perennial herb which is known for its sedative properties. The rhizomes and roots of the herb contain essential oils which can be used to treat insomnia, nervous disorder, PMS and menopausal symptoms. Since it's one of the best calming herbs, it is very effective in relieving and preventing symptoms of lichen planus. But, it should be combined with other sedative or antidepressant drugs.


Tea Tree


Tea Tree

Tea Tree has been used medicinally for centuries. The leaves of tea tree produce an essential oil which is rich in antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Tea tree oil may help relieve lichen planus symptoms associated with skin and mouth.

In addition to relying on these herbs, you also need to maintain a good oral hygiene to reduce symptoms and prevent infection. Make it a habit of brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing three times post meals daily. Besides, you also need to cut spicy or acidic foods if they trigger or worsen the symptoms.



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