Manage Pain Naturally during Labour and Delivery

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Jun 21, 2018
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  • Natural ways are the best ways to get rid of labour pain
  • Relaxing is the first step to a more comfortable labour
  • Using warmth and getting massage could also be very good
  • Furthermore, try to get water birth done

Labour hurts and that is a sure fact for you, no two ways about it. If you are in labour then chances are that you would curse yourself. But there are ways to manage the pains involved.

Techniques to ease labour painIf you want to have a normal delivery, knowing ways to manage pain during labour is crucial. Each woman who has delivered normally has her own story to relate and you need to decide what would work best for you.If you do not want to make use of the conventional ways of pain management through narcotics or an epidural, the natural pain management strategies given below can help you.


Instead of going into panic mode when you are in labour, you should try to rest as much as you can. You are in dire need of all the energy in the coming hours and this is your time to stay relaxed and take things easy. Remember to breathe well during this time and being around people who mean the world to you and those who make you happy. In the early phase of labour you would do good to be prepared so that you can cope with the pain. Make yourself as comfortable as comfortable can be and sit down on a comfortable chair or on the bed and tuck pillows all around you. Play some music, and drink a cup of hot and sweet drink.

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Water birthing is considered to be a good technique to reduce labour pain, but unfortunately it is only available at a few places. By laboring in water you can make the contractions more bearable, much like how a shower helps to ease tummy or back ache. One study found that by using birthing pool you can reduce the amount of pain relieving drugs that women are usually made to use during labour. Women who spent some time labouring in water were far less likely to need an epidural or spinal than women who laboured on dry land.


If you get a massage done then this could help you to cope with labour pain and will eventually relieve your anxiety. Ask whoever is around you to give you a massage. You will like being massaged at the base of your back during contractions. You may also want your shoulders to be massaged in between your contractions so that it can help you to relax. The massage must start slowly, as random rubbing could make you feel panicky rather than relaxed. Chemicals known as endorphins get released which will make you feel good.

Applying Warmth

By applying warmth you can relax your aches, and the tensed muscles. Therefore, it is no surprise that it is a very effective way to provide relief from labour pains. Use a wheat bag which is a cloth bag filled with wheat husks heated for a few minutes in the microwave. You can use this wheat bag for it to take its shape in accordance to your body and you will stay warm for an hour or so. You could also use a hot water bottle and after wrapping it with a soft towel use it to get warmth. 

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It is a popular technique for childbearing mothers looking to give birth. It involves some breathing methods which help the mother relax and focus during labour. Other than breathing techniques, pregnant women are also taught visualisation to cope with labour pains. Other methods such as meditation are also part of any Lamaze course. You should know these methods but this knowledge should not mean that anaesthesia must be avoided at all costs. 

Above all you ought to find a midwife for yourself who is very experienced and is more than able to carry out the delivery. She with all her experiences will make it all right for you.

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