7 Myths About Stomach Cancer Debunked, Know Real Facts Behind It

Stomach cancer can be very harmful for your health. Here are some myths about stomach cancer debunked and facts behind it.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Nov 30, 2021 12:50 IST
7 Myths About Stomach Cancer Debunked, Know Real Facts Behind It

Cancer of any type is extremely harmful for the body. Stomach cancer is abnormal growth of cells in the stomach. It can be located in different regions of the stomach but usually occurs in the upper abdomen. Stomach cancer also infects other parts attached to it such as esophageal tube and lower abdomen. It can make a person difficult to eat or swallow anything which might cause many complications. People have different myths about stomach cancer that are important to be corrected so that no one misjudges and increases risk of stomach cancer. Here are some common myths about stomach cancer you should know.

Myths and Facts about Stomach Cancer

1. It can’t be cancer if you don’t have pain

This is not true; having stomach cancer doesn’t particularly mean having pain in the body. Especially if you are at the initial stage of getting infected with cancer, then it becomes particularly difficult to determine stomach cancer. In the initial stages stomach cancer does not give you pain and therefore it becomes hard to regulate the cause of cancer. Hence do not be in this assumption that stomach cancer about stomach pain.


2. Indigestion for long period is stomach cancer

Many people have this misconception about stomach cancer that it increases indigestion. Indigestion particularly has nothing to do with stomach cancer as such. Yes this is a symptom of stomach cancer but that does not mean that it causes stomach cancer. Having indigestion for long duration could be because of different reasons including infection and bacterial growth in the abdomen. Hence get yourself diagnosed properly if you have this type of indigestion.

3. Stomach cancer is not common

Well, this is a big myth about stomach cancer. Stomach cancer is actually one of the most common types of cancer in the world. The diagnosis usually happens in the later stages; hence it becomes difficult to determine the actual number of cases with stomach cancer. Another reason for this myth is that there are several cases which lead to cancer because of adulteration and poor hygiene in the poor localities which does not come forward. Hence this cancer needs to be taken as seriously as any other type of cancer.

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4. A person cannot live without stomach

A large population believes that they cannot live without their stomach. Interestingly this is a myth; a person can even live without having stomach. This does not mean they won’t have any problem in digestion or digestive functions. During the surgery of stomach cancer, the stomach may have to be removed in some cases where the cancer has spread to the whole stomach. In those cases end of duodenum is extended to esophagus which in then connected to your small bowel. However in this procedure, it takes around 4-5 hours after which you cannot have anything for 7-12 days. 


5. Stomach cancer cannot be transferred to your off springs

This is also a myth that needs to be debunked. Any type of cancer including stomach cancer can be inherited to their off springs. Even though risk of stomach cancer getting transferred to their offspring is rare, it does not cut down the entire probability. The risk of cancer being transferred remains hence people should be aware of it and get themselves diagnosed if they have this situation. Women with stomach cancer particularly increase the risk of transferring it to their children. 

6. You cannot have stomach cancer without smoking

This myth about stomach cancer and any type of cancer should be debunked as early as possible. Yes tobacco consumption increases the risk of stomach cancer but it is not the only cause of it. There have been many cases in which people fall for stomach cancer without having any particular addiction or consumption of cigarettes and tobacco. Therefore you should not think that you may never have stomach cancer just because you do not smoke. Another important thing is that smoking does increase the risk of stomach cancer, hence it should be avoided.

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7. All tumors are cancerous

Tumor itself is a word that brings chills down your spine. Therefore many people believe having tumor is equal to having cancer. Tumor can also be classified into cancerous and non cancerous. Hence it is not mandatory to have cancer just because you have tumor in your body. Some malignant tumors become potentially dangerous because of their tendency to become cancer. It is important to understand that benign tumor does not spread hence it cannot cause cancer. Hence you need to get diagnosed if you have tumor to know if there are chances of cancer.

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