The myths about rapid weight loss

The myth compound that we live in as far as rapid weight loss is concerned can sabotage all our efforts to be fit and be so for the rest of our lives.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
Weight ManagementWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Aug 25, 2017
The myths about rapid weight loss

It is less said and more known that we indulge in some bit of lying and cheating when we are onto a diet plan to lose weight quickly, especially when someone is not looking.

Unfortunately, whatever type of relationship we hold can be sabotaged for the worse by our misconceptions about rapid weight loss or myths, as we would fashionably address them as. And these myths that we always want to believe must be debunked to make sure that we keep healthy and do not fall into the death trap that they bait rapid weight loss for. 


Myth # 1: Snacking is bad

One of the first steps that you would be recommended when you are on your way to losing weight in just 7 days or a few more days less or more, is to stop snacking indefinitely. So, what do you do when you are hungry between meals? You will be told to starve, but believe us, starving will only make your body store more fat to make up for lack of nutrient flow in the future. According to experts, when you become hungry, your brain tells you to pounce at the next meal you are served, making you eat more than what you would were snacking between meals. Eating snacks between meals helps one keep off the urge to eat more. One of the biggest reasons why people are against snacks is because when we talk about snacks, we talk shamelessly about the wrong choices like burgers, chips, candies, cookies and more. If you instead, identify fruits and vegetables with snacks, you are less likely to gain weight and more likely to maintain the lost bit. 

Myth # 2: Avoid fast foods

Perhaps you have ditched the soda, fries and cheeseburgers, but are still deciding on Maggi because it has been your childhood favourite. Experts recommend that you should not entirely give away your favourite fast foods for a slim figure. Instead, the best thing you can do to avoid the sodium in fast food is to devour salads about skip salt. Some suggestions to still get your grub going include the following.

  • Start your meal with a salad.
  • Pick grilled chicken over its fried and breaded alternatives.
  • Pick soft tacos over hard and crispy ones.
  • Keep dressings and sauce as far from you as possible or you pull it off from the food as much as possible. 

Myth # 3: Eat and exercise regularly to maintain weight

That you can maintain lost weight by eating well and exercising regularly is a popular myth and one that can easily be believed. Dieticians around the world recommend that a person must be willing to change his/her lifestyle to really keep the effects stagnant. Considering that one’s metabolism begins to slow down with age with the biggest change occurring around the age of 40, it is important for a person to keep his/her diet plans open. 

Myth # 4: Carbs are bad

It is an uber myth that all the carbohydrates that you consume are bad and you will have all the diet and nutrition experts to vouch for this. There are different types of carbohydrates in the different family of foods. For instance, carbs that are processed would have lots of sugar white flour in it that can be very harmful to your health and on the other hands, carbs present in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and more of these grainy foods will give all the nutrients and fibre that you need to keep your digestive system healthy, but also protect you from harmful, life-threatening diseases. Remember that the body uses carbohydrates as a fuel when one is exercising and attempting to burn calories.  

Myth # 5: Certain foods can burn calories

The subject of whether certain foods can really increase your metabolic rate and help you burn calories faster has always been a conflicting one. According to several experts, there are no foods that can really help you burn calories by increasing your metabolism and even if a particular food does help you burn calories, the impact is not so significant to draw the researcher’s scanner. Experts instead recommend those who are willing to lose weight fast to try weight lifting as it helps to build the muscle and thereby, increase the number of calories that one burns when he/she is at rest.

Having the right knowledge on weight loss would help you to take the correct measured and steps on your journey to weight loss.

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