#MondayMotivation: Exercise During Pregnancy Can Improve Health Of Mother And The Child

Reduce the risk of back pain and excess weight gain, which may make the delivery easy by exercising regularly during pregnancy

Sucheta Pal
Written by: Sucheta PalUpdated at: Dec 02, 2019 16:25 IST
#MondayMotivation: Exercise During Pregnancy Can Improve Health Of Mother And The Child

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The time when a lady is pregnant, she undergoes physical as well as mental transformation. It is an emotional turmoil for the lady to deal with the changes happening in her body and still feel happy about the fact that she will be giving birth to a new life. In most cases, women are told not to exercise during this time. But, it is a complete myth that exercising during pregnancy can be harmful to the baby. The most important thing here is to understand the quantum of changes taking place for the lady. We gain weight, an upheaval of hormones, etc. The weight starts to increase in the first 20 weeks. These nine months are the best time for a lady for she gets to experience a new life in her. Also, in most pregnancies, we end up gaining a total of 9-12 kgs. It also happens that there can be an increase in the size of the heart, too as the heart pumps blood to the fetus of the baby.


To help deal with these changes, it is essential to stay active throughout the pregnancy. To help you ladies out in this time of your life, are some simple tips for to-be mothers to understand that exercising is not only about rigorous routines, but it is all about working slowly and steadily towards excellent health. Following are some tips to pep up your exercise routines to let your gestation period be equally interesting: 

1# Consult your Gynaecologist: Before anything, consult your Gynaecologist to know your health status. If you have other medical conditions, namely diabetes, asthma, then it is advisable not to exercise. Also, exercise should be avoided if there exist problems like low placenta, miscarriage scare, previous history of premature birth, etc.


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2# Continue in moderation: If you were into exercising before pregnancy, continue with your routine by reducing the intensity by 30 per cent. Do exercises in which you are comfortable. Do not exert and consult your doctor if any health concern troubles you post-exercise.

3# Begin Safely: If exercising was not your thing before pregnancy, start slowly by consulting a certified trainer for pregnancy exercises. Do not go for strength exercises as it may tire you immediately. Best is to start with prenatal yoga to initiate activities during pregnancy. Also, one can go for walks and basic stretches to make your evenings a little more active. For ladies who are soon to become mothers, do not fix a strict time for exercising — exercise as per your mood and health. 


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4# Balance Issues: When you are carrying, the centre of gravity shifts to the front, making it difficult for ladies to strike a balance. Exercises are done during this time helps in strengthening and conditioning of the muscles. These exercises are gentle on the body. Also, these exercises are a must as a lot of women gain weight more than what is required for a healthy pregnancy. Such exercises help in maintaining a healthy weight for a healthy pregnancy.

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