What Is The Link Between Moles And Breast Cancer? This Study Answers

Moles might be linked to increased risk of breast cancer in women, here is what you should know.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Mar 29, 2022 10:21 IST
What Is The Link Between Moles And Breast Cancer? This Study Answers

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Breast cancer is one of most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. As we all might know cancer is a life-threatening disease that might cause complications without the person having too many symptoms. According to latest research of National Institute of Health in 2021, cases of breast cancer have increased over the past few years. Therefore, detection of cancer in early stages is very important in order to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Knowing the risks can make it easier to be controlled and treated. Talking of risks, moles have been linked to increase number of risks of developing breast cancer and skin cancer, let us know how much of this is true. 

What are moles? 

For those who don’t know, moles are naturally occurring spots or skin that is there from your childhood in most cases. Common moles are present of parts of your skin in people from birth that might not be of any harm otherwise. Some people get moles because of exposure to the skin and as a part of natural aging process as well. However, having moles does not mean that you will have breast cancer for sure. For this further examination is needed.


Link Between Moles and Breast Cancer 

Fact is there has not been any evident evidence that moles might increase the risk of breast cancer. But there have been studies in various groups that suggest that women with moles are more likely to develop breast cancer. According to a study conducted in 2014 by Public Health Implication of Changing Climate, 89902 women were analyzed in France among whom around 5956 women developed breast cancer.  

The study found that women with many moles or “nevi” were more likely to get in the history of breast cancer. Also, another study on nurses were conducted that found many of them having to be developed breast cancer. Women those who has 15 moles or more were 3% more likely to develop breast cancer than those having less than that.  

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How moles can affect breast cancer? 

Since it is mostly in the theory and research and there has not been a particular evident record, the effect of moles is quite dicey. According to data of researches conducted in studies, they theorized that hormones played a major role in development of moles in the body over life period. These hormones also contain estrogen that can be linked to development of breast cancer and having a higher number of moles. As of now, more studies are being conducted that suggest how estrogen levels increase moles and risk of cancer in women.  


How do Common moles look like? 

Moles are very usual growth of the skin, sometime they can be your birth mark. They are typically darker in color than rest of your skin and some of the Nevi grow in clusters. This happens when the pigment cells in the skin grow at faster rate. Most adults have around 10-40 moles on their body, however it is not necessary that they are present on every individual. 

Common moles are also called Nevi and they tend to show up in the face, skin, hands, shoulders and neck in most instances. Some people, especially women who have 50 or more moles in their body might be linked to greater risk of skin cancer or any other type of cancer.

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Should you get screened more often if you have moles?

This is a very important question, even though having a more moles is not an indicator or symptom of breast cancer. Therefore, that is not a factor you might consider for going to screening of breast cancer. But it is always better to get screened more often for melanomas as it prevents you from getting breast cancer complications.  

According to NCI, having more than 50 moles might be an indicator of skin cancer though, and it those cases, women should get themselves diagnosed and screened for the same. If you just have more moles and there is no other risk factor that is involved, even then there is risk of breast cancer and screening is always good. 

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