Mistakes that are ruining your vagina's health

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Mar 29, 2016
Quick Bites

  • Never ignore any unusual pain in vagina.
  • Maintain proper vaginal health.
  • Do some exercise to retain your vaginal strength.
  • Treat any vaginal infection as earliest as possible.

Do you know that almost every woman experiences vaginal infection at least once in her lifetime. Modern lifestyle and ignorance has led to many diseases of vagina. Poor nutrition, lack of vaginal hygiene and pregnancy related complications are the key factors in ruining your vagina’s health. If you are continuously ignoring your vagina’s health then you are inviting serious health issues. It is also found that poor vaginal health not only affects the firmness of the vagina but also interferes with fertility. Moreover, diseases like vaginal prolapsed are now affecting many women across the world. Let’s talk about some of the common mistakes we usually make either unknowingly or unwillingly.


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Do you really need hysterectomy?

Many women go for uterus removal when they complete their family. This thought either comes from gynecologists or from male partner. Doctors generally told women to remove uterus for no reason. It’s just money making game for them. Also, male partners want their wives to get rid of this tension so that they can have pleasurable intercourse without using any precautions. But you must understand the fact that removing your uterus without any health problem may lead to bulge your bladder into vagina, the case termed as bladder prolapsed. The vagina may even fall down in some women, which may prove fatal in some cases. So womendo not go for unnecessary hysterectomy only because its role is over in your life.

So, what could possibly lead to bladder proplapsed



You may not have realized this before but it is true. Giving too pressure inside the toilet may lead to vagina bulging. Constipation itself is a common discomfort and should be treated with through natural remedies it may also lead to vagina bulging in some women. Treatment of constipation will automatically reduce the unnecessary pressure on your vagina, keeping it intact and safe.


Do crunches with precaution

While working out in a gym is good for your health, doing sits ups really irritates your vagina. This hard training exercise may affect those women who have a loose vagina or have just overcome with pregnancy. So, try crunches only after an advice from your gynecologist and under the supervision of an expert fitness trainer.


Doing the Kegel’s exercise in wrong way

Kegel’s exercise is advised by doctor after a delivery or any genital surgery. This helps in vagina tightening and strengthening the pelvic muscles. But, if you are doing it in a wrong manner then you are putting your vagina at risk. This may result in losing of sphincter muscles and making vagina further loosened and prone to vaginal prolapsed. So always start the Kegel’s exercising regimen under an expert supervision.


Prolapse surgery failure

Most of the prolapsed repair surgery is unsuccessful resulting in lifelong pain for a woman. In cases where surgery is successful, it still risks the prolapse of other organs in vagina making the vaginal health worse. So think twice before planning for a vagina prolapse surgery.



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