Metabolism Myths: Here's All You Need To Know For Maximum Weight Loss

Thin people lose more weight, fat people means a slower metabolism and more such statements we have often heard. But how many of this is true?

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Dec 03, 2019 15:05 IST
Metabolism Myths: Here's All You Need To Know For Maximum Weight Loss

The moment we talk about weight loss, the very first thought that clouds our mind is the metabolism rate. Despite known to everyone, this very term is misinterpreted in most scenarios where exist several myths and facts surrounding this topic. As per the definition of metabolism, it means the processes required to maintain life. As stated by Mayo Clinic, the process of metabolism turns food into energy that is needed by the human body to live. This process helps in breathing, digestion of food and repairing of cells in the body. With missing metabolism, it is impossible to feel the energy that we get from the food we eat.

To help you know what really metabolism is, here are a few myths and facts surrounding this topic that we should know.

MYTH: If you are skinny, your metabolic rate is high


Metabolism depends on your body composition than its size. It means it depends on the protein mass of the body. More the muscles that indicate the metabolism rate is higher. This means the muscle mass decides on the number of calories you may burn even while resting. It is a complete myth where people say that thin people have better metabolism. This is why people say that lifting weights is the fastest way to lose weight by speeding up metabolism. Only cardio cannot be enough for enhancing the metabolism of the body. Muscle mass is of most importance here.

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MYTH: You cannot do much about your metabolism

Again, stating facts from the point mentioned above, metabolism is all about the muscle mass in the body. The exercise that we do has a significant effect on the body. If you wish to lose weight better, it is best to work on the muscle mass than only concentrating on the cardio part of the exercise. The exercise that you chose can make a significant difference to your metabolic rate of the body. Genes do regulate the metabolic rate of the body, but it can be positively changed with the exercises you chose to do for weight loss. However, some genetic diseases can lead to a slower metabolic rate.

MYTH: Fast metabolism means anything can be eaten, irrespective of its calorie count


Having a proper metabolism does not mean that you have a gate pass to eat anything and everything under the sun. The basic rule of healthy living and weight loss is to follow a healthy and balanced diet. Whatever you eat turns into energy, fat and other sources for the body to function. The more junk you eat, the more is the need to sweat it out in the gym for a balanced weight. Metabolism is not just about weight, but it is all about living a healthy life.

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MYTH: Eating smaller meals in more numbers is good for metabolism

It is now a growing fad for people to for multiple meals in smaller quantity owing to a faster weight loss. However, weight loss is not affected by the number of meals you eat, but it is all about knowing what you eat. Several nutritionists stress on the art of mindful eating than eating with a motive. With multiple meals, we may make mistakes in keeping a count in what we eat. Weight loss is beyond calorie intake; it is all about making smart choices as per what the mood demands. A doughnut may have the same calorie count than in any protein bar. The best is to understand what the heart requires and then tactfully sooth the mind by eating the same calorie count in a different form.


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