Here's Why Menstruation Should No Longer Be A Taboo

Happy Mother's Day 2020: Do you know the rural, semi-urban, and urban areas have often mistreated menstruating women?

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: May 09, 2020 13:48 IST
Here's Why Menstruation Should No Longer Be A Taboo

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The present-day society has rapidly progressed and attained technological, scientific, and innovative excellence. However, a natural process like menstruation is surrounded by many taboos and stereotypes. Countless communities look at menstruating women with disgust and treat them in the most horrid ways possible. Thus, you must read ahead to know why menstruation should no longer be a taboo and how this taboo is adversely affecting women's health. When we are discussing menstruation taboo, one country to remember in India.

Dr Aparajita Gogoi, Executive Director, Centre for Catalyzing Change (C3), shares that Mother's Day can also be an occasion to acknowledge and highlight the need for gender equality, for everyone to refocus on the fact that every mother is an individual with equal rights -- entitled to her own identity and choice in all aspects of life -- be it financial, political or social. Empowered mothers can solve serious, intergenerational problems for their families and their communities, such as breaking the cycle of poverty, improving nutritional and educational status, and preventing issues such as child marriage.  

Why is menstruation a taboo topic?

  • Now that you know what menstruation is, you must understand why men are disgusted even with the mere mention of it. Many people consider menstruation a disgusting process because of the blood. They think it is dirty and impure. This is why there are several myths to keep the ladies away from the main family members. One of the ridiculous myths to have passed on generations is that menstruating women should not touch pickles, or the jar will get spoilt. Now, imagine how terrible it might be, and this is only one example.

  • You would be surprised to learn that menstruating women are often told to stay outside the central apartment in a separate quarter. Or, they are confined to their room in the house. They are not allowed to enter the kitchen, the place of worship, or even the standard toilet because they are "dirty and impure". But, this is precisely where the issue begins. There needs to be aware that periods are very natural, and they are just the body's way of saying, "Hey, I'm not pregnant!."
  • The need for awareness is in every part of the subcontinent and globe. International sports stars and celebrities have often gone out of their way to talk about the period stigma and challenged it openly. Kiran Gandhi is one such inspiration who ran a 26-mile marathon with blood flowing between her legs. Right before the marathon started, she realized that she was getting her period and had no way to cover it. So, she ran with a smile and showed the world that women go through so much yet keep their heads held high.

Excessing body weight and being underweight

menstrual cycle

Women planning to start a family must note that those additional pounds and unwanted fats in your body can increase your chances of moving towards infertility, chances of having miscarriages, and other reproductive issues. Similarly, being underweight too interferes with your reproductive opportunities. Except that you are naturally super-thin and skinny being below the average weight can cause difficulties with conception. The reasonable amount of body fat is required for the proper functioning of the hormones in the body as all the hormones that govern fertility are metabolised in the fat tissue. Therefore, too much flabby tissue or less fatty tissue will hamper the working of these hormones leading to infertility.

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