Weight Loss Meal Timings Revealed: 7.11 am for Breakfast, 12.38 pm for Lunch and 6.14 pm for Dinner

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Apr 02, 2014

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You may balance the right amount of calories, fats, carbs, and proteins in your diet but without scheduling the meal time, your weight loss goals may remain far-fetched.

breakfast timingIn accordance to this, a new survey claims that one of the ways to lose weight is to eat breakfast at 7.11 am.

Conducted by Forza Supplements after studying the response of around 1,000 participants, the survey has identified the most advantageous times for eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner down to the minute. During the survey, the researchers had asked dieters to recommend the perfect time to eat.

“The most important message is not to skip meals and not to leave dinner too late,” managing director of Forza Supplements, Lee Smith, told the Daily Mail. “Calories get burned up no matter when you eat them - but if you eat dinner late, you're not as likely to get rid of those calories before going to bed.”

Smith continued that the after survey it was found that best times were 7.11 am for breakfast, 12.38 pm for lunch and 6.14 pm for dinner.

Although the precise time of day to eat each meal varied by the participants, 60 percent of people included in the survey agreed that skipping any meal is not a person’s best option for maintaining a healthy diet.

The results showed that a convincing 84% of dieters believed that sticking to specific meal times was crucial for slimming down.

The participants who lost weight also agreed with the idea that eating dinner early can help with weight loss, as 67% recommended eating before 7 pm.

Most dieters recommended these meals be supplemented with low-fat snacks when you get hunger pangs in later morning or mid-afternoon, he added.

For people who are less active in the evening, eating dinner between 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. was recommended by two-thirds of survey participants, with 6:14 p.m. positioned as the optimal suppertime.

“What you don't burn off is more likely to be stored as fat, as you become less active towards the end of the day,” Smith told. “Eating too close to bedtime increases your blood sugar and insulin, which makes it harder to sleep. Your last meal should be lightest of the day and should be eaten at least three hours before you go to sleep.”


Source: DNA

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