Manuka Honey For Stomach Infections: Health Benefits And Tips To Make Use Of It

Manuka honey is a special honey produced in New Zealand. This has anti-bacterial properties to resolve stomach infections

Gandharv Gulati
Healthy DietWritten by: Gandharv GulatiPublished at: Jul 12, 2020
Manuka Honey For Stomach Infections: Health Benefits And Tips To Make Use Of It

How many types of honey do you know? If you think that honey is just honey and there is no other type of honey, we want to introduce you to manuka honey which tastes like honey but holds many other properties and benefits. Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand and Australia when bees pollinate on the manuka bush. What makes this honey variety different from the regular organic honey is its antibacterial properties. All kinds of honey contain hydrogen peroxide that has antibiotic properties but manuka honey exhibits additional anti-bacterial activity. Due to this property, manuka honey is considered to be a great remedy for stomach infections. If you haven’t tried manuka honey yet, you must, especially if you frequently suffer from stomach ailments.


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Interesting Facts About Manuka Honey

Honeys from specific plants are more effective than other varieties such as manuka honey. It is obtained from bees that pollinate on the Manuka bush in New Zealand and some parts of Australia. Manuka honey is said to be great in resolving digestive complaints such as constipation, stomach infections, diarrhea, acid reflux, gastritis, ulcers, etc. The other benefits of manuka honey consumption include treating upper respiratory infections like allergies, rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, etc. Most people reach out to honey for relieving cough and cold or for beauty purposes. Lesser do they know that this honey can help them in stomach woes too. Read ahead some benefits of manuka honey for gut health.

Boost good bacteria in the stomach

Bacteria are not always bad. There are some gut-friendly bacteria aka good bacteria that boost gut health. These are called microbiome which fixes bugs and bad bacteria to promote a healthy gut. These prevent food poisoning which is a very common stomach infection.

Unfortunately, our lifestyle is the main culprit for good gut health. We are supposed to eat gut-boosting foods and a healthy diet to ward off stomach infections but in reality, it is not the case. Another factor that deteriorates gut health is stress. Eating manuka honey can ease the condition.

Prevent stomach ulcers

H.Pylori is a gut bacteria that causes stomach ulcers. The natural anti-bacterial property of manuka honey helps in fighting off the bacteria and reduce the risk of ulcers. Manuka honey is a noted prebiotic as it boosts the levels of lactobacillus which kills the ulcer-causing bacteria.

Treat food poisoning

Clostridium Difficile or c. Difficile is a bacteria that causes food poisoning, diarrhea and other constipation. Consuming manuka honey can avert these conditions from getting severe. A study conducted on the effectiveness of manuka honey revealed that this honey variant can inhibit bacterial growth in the stomach.


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Tips To Use Manuka Honey

Here are some ways to consume manuka honey. Combining this with other gut-boosting foods can produce better results.

  • Add one spoon of manuka honey in a glass of warm water with lemon juice. 
  • Mix one spoon of sweet manuka honey to yogurt and consume. Manuka honey is prebiotic and yogurt is probiotic. Together, these are great for gut health.
  • Add manuka honey to your smoothies and salads.
  • Make healthy oats pancakes and pour over manuka honey for sweetness.

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