Manmohan Singh Health: Former PM Admitted In AIIMS, Complained Of Chest Pain, Had Bypass Surgeries Before

On Sunday evening, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was admitted to AIIMS Hospital in Delhi due to complaints of chest pain and discomfort

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: May 11, 2020Updated at: May 11, 2020
Manmohan Singh Health: Former PM Admitted In AIIMS, Complained Of Chest Pain, Had Bypass Surgeries Before

Senior Congress leader and former Prime Minister of the country Manmohan Singh was admitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) hospital in Delhi on Sunday night due to sudden chest pain and discomfort. Manmohan Singh, who currently represents Rajasthan in Rajya Sabha, was taken to the cardio-thoracic ward after complaining of pain. Previously, the former PM has had two heart bypass surgeries, one in 1990 and the other in 2009. Apart from this, he also has diabetes. According to the news agency PTI, Manmohan Singh is being treated by Cardiology Professor Dr Nitish Naik. It is a known fact that even before the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, there was a decline in the health of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. This was when he was advised complete bed rest owing to his declining health.

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What Is A Bypass Surgery?

Bypass surgery is one of the best remedies for heart patients because, through this, they can live better lives. It is well known that many cases of heart problems are increasing day-by-day. With the advanced technology, there are several ways that heart patients can be treated, one of them being bypass surgery. Also known as the Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting surgery, this surgery is done to enhance the blood flow to the heart muscles, which is restricted to various bloackages in the heart arteries. 


Who Requires A Bypass Surgery?

Those with the following signs and symptoms may require a bypass surgery: 

  • Chest pain: When a person has angina due to blockage in the arteries of the heart, doctors recommend him to undergo bypass surgery.
  • Coronary artery disease: Bypass surgery is recommended in case of trouble in the coronary artery.
  • Heart attack: If a person has had a heart attack, then bypass surgery is done in that case.
  • Preventing the symptoms of Coronary Heart Disease: Bypass surgery is performed in case a person has symptoms of coronary heart disease.
  • Coronary artery block: Bypass surgery is performed in case of coronary artery blockage.

Risk Factors Of Bypass Surgery

Bypass surgery is undoubtedly a beneficial procedure, but it also has its risks, which are as follows:

  • Kidney problems: Many times, a person may have kidney problems after bypass surgery. However, kidney dialysis or kidney transplant may be performed in that case.
  • Risk of stroke: There is also a risk of stroke during or immediately after the bypass surgery.
  • Post-Surgery Infection: Post-surgery stitches need proper care. Hence, it is best to take appropriate care of cuts and wounds that occur due to incisions done in the surgery. Some people even have to swell on the organ where the surgery is done.

Post-Precautions After A Bypass Surgery

Once the surgery is done, a patient should take proper care to manage the heart condition:

  • Taking care of the operated area: After bypass surgery, one should take care of the body part where this surgery has been done.
  • Taking pain-relieving medicines: If a person has pain after bypass surgery, then he should take pain-relieving medicines.
  • Eating nutritious food: After this surgery, a person should eat healthy and nutritious food. Also, keep a check on your weight too, as a sudden increase in weight can put excess pressure on the heart.
  • Exercise regularly: After the bypass surgery, the person should do light exercise so that he can recover quickly.

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Several leaders tweeted after the senior Congress leader, and former Prime Minister of the country was admitted to the hospital.

At the same time, Congress leader and former Union Minister Renuka Chaudhary tweeted that Dr Manmohan Singh has been admitted to AIIMS. I wish him a speedy recovery and pray for his good health.

Apart from this, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted and wrote; there is a deep concern about the health of Dr Manmohan Singh. I hope he recovers soon. The whole of India is praying for our former PM.

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