Make it Warm and Safe for your Kids this Winter

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Nov 15, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • You need to act fast and make your home winterized.
  • The change in weather is a reminder to get kids vaccinated for flu.
  • Make sure your kid washes his/her hands often.
  • Teach proper sneezing etiquette to the kids.

With the cold winter season now upon us, you need to act fast and make your home winterized. Turning your thermostat up to keep your house warm is not enough when you have kids at home. You have more to do to make the winter more bearable for them.


wintercare for children


As far as health and wellness is concerned, winter is the time when you need to be more careful. It is around the fall that cold and flu are most prevalent. Here’s how you can safeguard your kid from the dangers winter poses and keep them healthy.


Flu Shot

The change in weather is a reminder to get kids vaccinated for flu. Flu shots are more important for children with a history of asthma or diabetes. The vaccination at the start not only keeps away cold and cough, but shields children from a lot of different viruses that may cause sickness. Even after the flu shots, there is an chance of contracting cold or flu. Always stock up medicines for it.


Wash Hands Often

A hygienic kid is a healthier kid. Hygiene is important irrespective of what season it is. But, the importance of hygiene is more in the winter season. Make sure your kid washes his/her hands often and every time they are about to eat. It is a parents’ responsibility to teach them the importance of hand washing and how to do it.


hygiene for kids


Sneezing Etiquette

You need to teach proper sneezing etiquette to the kids. Don’t let them sneeze around the whole place. Sneezing is one of the common ways that spread potentially harmful germs to others. Teach your kids to sneeze into a handkerchief to keep germs from spreading.


Eat well

A well-rounded diet is the path to wellness and healthily being. There are no magic foods to keep flu away, but the foods that increase immunity can be helpful. Add a lot of plant-based foods and lean protein to the diet for winters. And, make kids drink lots and lots of water.


Get Good Night's Sleep

Your kid needs a good night’s sleep every day (9 to 10 hours). When the human body is sleep deprived, the body's immune system doesn’t work well.


Since it is cold and flu season, you need to take measures such as eating right, exercising regularly and getting plenty of rest. Good hygiene and a few changes in diet can make a huge difference.

Remember, kids are never too young to start learning. After all, these are good habits that will serve them good.




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