Lower Levels of Vitamin D in the Body can Cause Heart Diseases, Cancer

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Apr 05, 2014

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According to researchers who analysed evidence from randomised controlled trials that took a look at whether taking vitamin D supplements every day was beneficial or not. They found that those people who have low levels of vitamin D are highly likely to die from cancer and heart disease as well as to suffer from other illnesses.

vitamin D levels decrease risk of heart diseases and cancerThis new research suggests that blood levels of vitamin D in a person ensure overall health. This, however, does not help answer whether low levels of vitamin D are a cause for any disease or just an indicator of certain behavious that contribute to poor health such as a sedentary lifestyle, diet that is heavy in processed and0 unhealthful food.


Vitamin D helps the body too absorb calcium and is important for the immune system. The receptors for vitamin and related enzymes are present throughout the cells as well as tissues in the body, implying that it may be vital for a lot of physiological functions.


Dr. Oscar H Franco, the professor of preventive medicine at Erasmus Medical Center in Netherland and an author of one of the two studies said that vitamin D levels have effects at the genetic level and they affect cardiovascular as well as bone health.


There are a variety of hypotheses for the different factors that vitamin D regulates ranging from genes to inflammation. This is precisely why vitamin D is said to be so important. The two new studies were meta-analyses with data on over a million people. The studies included observational findings on the claimed relationship between blood levels of vitamin D and diseases.


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Article source: Indian Express


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