Exercise Tips For Women With Lower Back Pain Or Lumbago Issues

Lower back pain or lumbago is a common problem in women. Here are some exercise tips to manage lumbago. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Aug 12, 2022Updated at: Aug 12, 2022
Exercise Tips For Women With Lower Back Pain Or Lumbago Issues

The feeling of constant discomfort or pain in the lower back region is commonly heard of and seen in adults, mostly women. Lower back pain sometimes becomes synonymous with adult life and affects people as early as 30 years of age. The umbrella term that defines all lower back-related issues is referred to medically as lumbago. The pain can be caused due to problems in muscles, spine, joints, and nerves around the lower back area. A sedentary lifestyle along with postural issues and imbalances are the primary cause of lumbago among adults. Onlymyhealth editorial team spoke to Abhishek Chatterjee, CPT ACSM, SWITCH Wellness, to know about exercises for lower back pain in women. 

It is generally noticed that women complain more about the discomfort or pain in the lower back region, and they are generally more susceptible to being affected by lumbago. 

Causes of lumbago in women

As already highlighted, women suffer from lumbago significantly more than men. However, some of the common causes of lumbago that affect men and women alike are as follows.

1. Mechanical stress: A person who is more into jobs or activities that involve extended physical labour and constant stress on the lower back muscle and joints is more prone to experience lumbago. Occupations that involve heavy lifting are more prone to cause lumbago. 

2. Wrong postural pattern: The posture while performing basic tasks also have a significant impact on the lower back health. Adults seem to be increasingly complaining of lower back issues post their work-from-home stints as their working posture in the said setup has become poorer. Prolonged sitting and lack of movement along with poor posture are also  major causes of lumbago. 

3. Wrong lifting techniques: Usage of wrong techniques while lifting even lightweight objects can put additional pressure on the spine muscles and joints. Careless techniques while lifting could permanently damage nerves too. 

In addition to the common causes of Lumbago, women can be susceptible to pain due to hormonal issues, especially during menopause. Women's bodies are  built in a way that the slightest changes and cramps can lead to constant lower back issues. As lower back issues are unavoidable for women, it becomes increasingly difficult to prevent them. However, the pain could be relieved and prevented through some simple exercise tips. 

Exercising tips for women with Lumbago

The condition of lumbago can be overcome by some simple exercises. As lumbago is caused due to poor posture, one of the tips is to improve and maintain a proper posture while standing and sitting. Improving the posture and being aware of the correct ways to maintain it goes a long way. Mentioned below are some tips to follow to ease lower back pain:

1. External Support: Women suffering from this issue must use pillows to support lumbar curvature while sitting. It is highly beneficial in easing the pain. Using a pillow for support while sitting and sleeping is the simplest trick for dealing with lumbago. 

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2. Lumbar and thoracic spine mobility and strengthening drills: Increasing mobility of the muscles of the affected area is beneficial in treating pain in the region. Some of the exercises and drills that help in the process are cat and camel pose,  bird pose, dog pose, bridge pose, round the globe pose, and plank. Hip flexor stretch is also highly recommended and has shown promising results. 

3. Partial Stretches: another important tip to remember while exercising with lumbago is to avoid overexerting the muscles. While stretching, pay attention not to further damage the muscles, spine, and joints. Try opting for partial stretches that provide relief without any harm. 

Even when the lower back muscles are hurting, make sure to provide some form of mobility as it will ease the pain. One of the causes of lumbago is still lifestyle: avoid complete rest and restricting movement, instead try moderate movements and exercises. Exercises can even ease the pain for the women and provide relief from menstrual cramps.

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