Lose Weight by Eating the Right Foods

Know what foods you should eat in order to lose weight. Here is a list of some super foods as they call it!

Arka Roy Chowdhury
Weight ManagementWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Apr 19, 2018
Lose Weight by Eating the Right Foods

Weight loss is on most people’s mind, but they cannot just get to what they want. The right kinds of foods are there for you to pick, they are present all around you. All you have to do is to pick them out for your diet plan.

It is very difficult to lose weight when there are so many social obligations involving all sorts of unhealthy foods. Unhealthy foods seem to be a way to go about any social gathering, because as cruel as it may sound, these foods taste amazing. Now you have to make sure that when you are picking your own food they are not a heap of fatty, oily, unhealthy foods. They need to be nutritious and very healthy so that you can lose weight. Yes, you can lose weight by eating the right foods, just exercising will never help when you are consuming worthless foods.


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Now when the idea is to eat such foods that would keep you full for longer periods of time, then how can you not pick oats? Oats are healthy and have up to 5 grams of fiber per serving which make them the most filling choice for food. You should ideally opt for the ones that are steel cut and rolled, the instant oats contain about three to four grams of fiber per serving. Eat oats for breakfast and you will not have to worry to eat any sort of junk for long!


Apple is another good way to keep your weight at bay. It has been found that people who opt to eat apples consume fewer calories. Also apples have antioxidants that may prevent any metabolic syndrome which is a condition marked by excess of belly fat. Forget all your pathetic junk food snacking, go for apples when you are hungry. You also should remember that raw fruits contain more fiber and is therefore good for you.


These neat little oval things are just brilliant for your health. Eggs are full of protein and are a just the ideal way to start your day. Add eggs to your breakfast plate, this is very necessary.  You should eat the whole egg instead of falling for popular notions like only the egg white is the healthy bit. Also, half the protein that you are seeking from an egg comes from the yolk. Also, egg yolks have vitamin E that allows you to remain fuller for long. 

Kidney Beans

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Beans are good for your health as you already know, but do you know which type of beans is the best? It is the red beans which is the best.  Red beans offer protein and fiber at more than 5 grams per serving. Kidney beans are also very rich in resistant starch and hence a half cup serving would mean that you are consuming 2 grams of the slimming carbohydrate!


Yes avocado definitely has fat content but that should not scare you because that is what makes it a top weight loss food. The monounsaturated fat that is contained in an avocado is good for you to increase satiety. You could add avocado to sandwiches for a creamy texture and flavour as well. Truth is that avocados contain a lot of calories and hence you would do good to watch your portions.

Most of all you should drink a lot of water and get enough sleep, and you will find that weight loss is a smooth sail.

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