Loneliness can really hurt you

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Oct 27, 2017
Quick Bites

  • Chronic loneliness can take a toll on your health.
  • Don’t let your temporary loneliness turn into chronic loneliness.
  • Don’t blame yourself for being lonely.
  • Reach out for support from family and friends.

All of us enjoy our social lives but almost everyone has experienced loneliness at some point. When life takes a bad turn all of a sudden, when you lose someone close to your heart or experience a shattering failure despite all the hard work, you are bound to feel sad, disturbed and often lonely. Loneliness is not a choice, it’s usually a situation that you have to live with but it can be harmful for your health. Several researchers and health experts from all over the world believe that loneliness is more than just a state of your social life. It is as connected to your health as the amount of sleep you get.

People are usually not bothered by their loneliness, at least not so much as they care about their diet, looks and hair styles. Experts have observed that loneliness triggers a state of self-preservation where the brain doesn’t seek any social interaction anymore. The person may also begin to feel more comfortable when alone as compared to being in social gatherings. All of this can pose negative effects on the mental as well as social health of the person and it may also pose severe risks to overall health.

Chronic Loneliness

Long-term loneliness may trigger some side-effects that can affect the natural cognitive performance, immune system and even raise the risk for vascular, inflammatory and heart disease. Few recent studies suggest that loneliness may increase the risk for early death by 45 percent and the chance of developing dementia in later life by 64 percent. On the other hand, people with strong social support and frequent social interactions with friends and families are at almost half the risk of dying as compared with people suffering from loneliness.

While one should not seek loneliness, there’s no harm in temporary loneliness. In fact, all of us feel lonely at some point of time. But, chronic loneliness can be a dangerous situation for anyone. One of the most common reasons behind temporary loneliness converting into chronic loneliness is the sense of self disgust. People start blaming themselves for being lonely which only makes them feel disgusted about self and thus avoid social interactions. Over time the temporary loneliness becomes chronic loneliness, more like a trait of their own personality. Chronic loneliness can be harmful for your mental as well as physical health.

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What To Do?

Instead of spending more time alone, start spending more time with your family and friends. Instead of texting or using Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, call everyone. Nothing can feel better than actually talking to someone. Share your problems with people you trust and get ample sleep daily. Most importantly, never blame yourself for anyone leaving you or anything bad happening in your life. Life was never meant to be easy on you. Just take all the support you can get from your social circle and keep going strong.

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