Link Between Hypertension And COVID-19: All You Need To Know

Can covid raise blood pressure levels? One must be careful and timely check health vitals every now and then even after covid recovery

Jigyasa Nagpal
Written by: Jigyasa NagpalPublished at: Jul 17, 2021Updated at: Jul 17, 2021
Link Between Hypertension And COVID-19: All You Need To Know

Undoubtedly, Covid-19 has affected almost all spheres of our lives. Of course, the impact is on the normal people’s health, the ones with an already existing disease have in fact suffered more. One commonly existing disease is the hypertension, which gives rise to or makes us prone to other diseases. Some evidences have suggested the link of covid and hypertension. For those who do not know completely, hypertension has been now considered as a very common comorbidity among covid-19 patients. So, one need to be a bit more careful in the current situation.

High Blood Pressure Risk

With high blood pressure one of the largest causes of deaths across the world; sadly it is also the one where the condition goes unnoticed. Sometimes, a lot of people are not aware that a persistent headache could be a sign too. The analysis from the world’s coronavirus cases indicate that people with health conditions including hypertension, diabetes, cancer or lung diseases had died. 

 A lot of studies also suggest the risk is as twice as high as that of the total population. People Age > 60-year-old and with high blood pressure are linked with suffering severely from covid.

All of us are already anxious of the panic situation due to the pandemic and its effect on our normal routine and professional lives, which aggravates stress. The situation has taken such a heavy toll that we tend to ignore the very small, simple symptoms that we might experience, which may or may not be linked to bigger diseases.


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What is the Link between Hypertension & Covid-19?

A weak immune system is often an attraction to infections and covid being the recent common one is an easy catch now. A chronic condition such as hypertension in addition to the weakened immune system and aging makes one prone to corona virus infection. The complications that may emerge could also be difficult to handle.

The recently seen cases in the first and second wave also support the same. And hence, there is an urgent need to take care and take all the necessary preventive measures that you can.

As it is, hypertension is a disease that is called a “silent killer”. A stroke caused may occur with symptoms like vomiting, headache, uneasiness, which we ignore. 

Dr. Magesh Balakrishnan, Consultant, Cardiologist, Columbia Asia Hospital Sarjapur Road points which measures you can take to control your blood pressure-

1# Regular exercise is a recommendation for a normal, healthy lifestyle as it is. And for a control over your blood pressure, the same has been advisable. A minimum of 30 minutes is to be done in the form of brisk walking, swimming, aerobics, jogging or yoga.

2# Stress is a good friend of hypertension and if you are involved in a regular activity such as long office hours and many all-nighters, you need to help yourself. Try engaging into a relaxing activity such as yoga or a hobby.

3# Watching your weight is also recommended when you have hypertension. Unnecessary stress due to lifestyle, work schedule can make you gain weight. Check your BMI and start working out.

4# Reduce your salt levels. The daily requirement of sodium is fulfilled with 2.3 g of salt per day. Limiting your salt content reduces your blood pressure by 3-4 mm of Hg reduction in BP.

5# Choose Healthy, always. When you start taking care of yourself, you really need a pen and a paper. A diet providing all the nutrients, the right way, also considering your oil and salt content is a better plan to start with. Combining this with regular exercise will be the most beneficial.


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Symptoms Of COVID To If You have Hypertension

Symptoms we should be careful for the risk of covid about being a patient of hypertension or if we are around a family member.

  • The stiffening and dilation of the heart causes the irregular heartbeat
  • A continuous pain in the chest region, which is sometimes sharp and sometimes dull
  • Recurrent Headache
  • Sometimes, there is a blurry vision or even loss of sight
  • Confusion and dizziness are another common symptom
  • Difficulty in breathing, which is more prevalent during strenuous physical activity
  • Nosebleeds 

With inputs from Dr. Magesh Balakrishnan, Consultant, Cardiologist, Columbia Asia Hospital Sarjapur Road

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