Know Why Heart Stroke and Cardiac Arrest Are Frequent While Bathing

While bathing is relaxing, it may lead you to death! There are certain things that may cause heart failure during shower. To know why the deaths during bathing is becoming frequent, read this article.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jul 29, 2019Updated at: Dec 01, 2019
Know Why Heart Stroke and Cardiac Arrest Are Frequent While Bathing

A good morning shower is the best thing to kickstart the day. Bathing is a morning ritual to refresh and energize the body. But the increasing cases of cardiac arrest and/or heart stroke while bathing has created a buzz amongst people. Veteran actress Sridevi too died of cardiac arrest in a hotel bathroom. It was only after that, the issue of bathroom deaths came into limelight. This article focuses on the possible causes and preventive measures of heart failure during a bath.

The three common reasons for bathroom deaths are:

Heart Attack: A heart attack occurs when your heart doesn’t get sufficient blood due to circulatory problems. This might happen when an artery is blocked which is responsible to supply blood to your heart.

Stroke: When the blood circulation to the brain is hampered, it causes a stroke. Your brain doesn’t get enough glucose and oxygen which is needed for survival.

Cardiac Arrest: This happens when your heart suddenly stops functioning. This is caused due to irregular heartbeats which affect blood circulation to the heart.

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The prime causes that lead to heart failiure during the shower

According to online reports, there is a sudden increase in the figures of bathroom deaths lately. Here are the prime causes of heart failure or stroke in the bathroom:

1.Toilet Strain

Excessive toilet strain during defecation, in most cases, leads to a heart attack. When someone sits in an unnatural posture while eliminating waste from their body is found to be fatal for their health. It directly affects the cardiovascular system which leads to syncope (going unconscious due to insufficient blood circulation to the heart) or death! Straining while defecation lowers down the blood pressure which affects the blood supply. The risk is generally higher with sitting toilets as compared to squatting toilets.

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2. Washing head first

Doctors clearly instruct to not wet your hair and head first when taking a shower. This sequence isn’t right for your body. Generally, people tend to pour water on their heads first and then proceed to the rest of the body which is wrong. This action forces our body to adjust the body temperature. This might result in capillary or artery breakage due to an abrupt increase in pressure. Therefore, sequenced bathing is said to be really important where one should wet their legs first and then go up to wet their heads.

3. Sudden change in Blood pressure

Patients of high BP need to be extra cautious while bathing since a miss here or there might take them to the death bed! Older people and those with blood pressure problems shouldn’t bathe in the early morning.

Abrupt changes in blood pressure induce anemia in cerebral blood vessels which then triggers cardiac arrest or stroke in the toilet or bathroom. Also, the chances of heart stroke are higher in the winter season as then the risk of temperature changes is high.

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