That Dizzy Feeling known as Vertigo can be Handled with Exercises

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Nov 16, 2013
Quick Bites

  • Vertigo is a feeling that you are spinning, whirling, failing, or tilting.
  • It is dangerous as you have a great risk of losing balance and falling.
  • Exercises can help you to get better during a bout of vertigo.
  • You should always be around someone to hold on to.

The head spinning sensation that you experience is known as vertigo. Your surroundings begin to move while you stay perfectly still. Did you know that you can treat vertigo with exercises?

exercises for vertigoVertigo is a feeling which is as though you are spinning, whirling, failing, or tilting. When you have severe vertigo you may feel nauseated and want to throw up. Vertigo is dangerous because you have a great risk of losing your balance and falling, it occurs when there is a conflict between the signals sent to the brain by various balance and position systems of the body. Here are some exercises that will allow you to handle a bout of vertigo well. Start each exercise in a slow fashion and then you can continue to do this for long.

Eye Exercise

Not very difficult, but just simple eye movements are required for this. Here are the steps for you to follow for eye exercise:
• First look up slowly and then look down quickly.

• Then you should look from side to side, and once again start slow and then do it quickly.

• You should focus on your finger at your arm’s length. Then you should move your finger from side to side all the while keeping your eyes focused on the finger.

Head Exercise

Once again very simple exercise for the head, here are the steps for it:
• You should bend your head forward and then again backward with your eyes open. Here once again you should start slow and then do it quickly.

• You should then turn your head from side to side, same like before, first slow and then quick.

• As and when your dizziness improves you can do the exercises with your eyes closed.

Sitting Exercise

You can also do sitting exercise to treat your vertigo, here are the steps:
• When you are sitting you must shrug your shoulders.

• Then you should turn your shoulder from side to side.

• You can then bend forward and pick up objects from the ground, which is also a part of the exercise. Then, get back up and sit.

Standing Exercise

After this you can stand up and do the standing exercises, here are the steps:
• Stand up from your seated position and then sit down again. You must do this with your eyes open.

• Then again repeat this with your eyes closed.

• When standing up you should use a small rubber ball and pass it from one hand to the other from under your knee.

Walking Exercise

Then finally you will have to make an attempt to walk, this is another exercise. Here are the steps:
• You should walk across the room with your eyes open and then repeat this with your eyes closed. Make sure there is nothing hindering your walk.

• You should then find a slope and attempt to walk on it with your eyes open. Once again repeat with your eyes closed.

• Then finally walk up and down the stairs with your eyes open, and repeat this with your eyes closed.

You can also try to improve your balance which is often affected when you suffer from a bout of vertigo. You can stand with your feet together, arms at your side and hold this position for about 30 seconds. In order to be safe you should always have someone with you so that you can hang on to that person when you experience vertigo.

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