Kids During Vacations Are Easy Targets For Injuries. Follow These Precautions And Emergency Care Tips

Are the vacations taking a toll on parents worrying about the child’s safety? Here are some essential factors to prevent any untoward incident

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Jun 29, 2020Updated at: Jun 29, 2020
Kids During Vacations Are Easy Targets For Injuries. Follow These Precautions And Emergency Care Tips

With this ongoing pandemic, our homes have transformed into offices, classroom and also a playground for the kids. Topping it up with summer vacations certainly puts that extra need for parents to keep kids engaged inside homes without any accidents. As we know, kids are very much capable of getting into some dangerous situations at home while playing; the house becomes a ground for kids to get injuries. Some injuries may be a little as scratches or small wounds while some may be in extremes including fractures and head injuries. More than the kids, it is for parents to ensure that their homes are safe and sound for the kids to play, activities that most kids look out for in vacations. 


A lot of parents may overlook the fact that despite keeping the kids indoors and sanitised, they may be opening the avenue for kids to get hurt at home while playing, something that most parents are worried for kids when playing outdoors. Some common mishaps that one can encounter with kids at home are: 

  • Climbing tables with heavy decorative items or electronics 
  • Pulling sheets from tables 
  • Getting their fingers stuck in cupboards and cabinets 
  • Bouncing off from the bed, thinking of it to be a trampoline 
  • Binging on colourful tablets, thinking of them as candies 
  • Slipping on wet floors 

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In situations like these, a lot of many doctors and experts are giving out information as to how prepared the parents need to be for accidents can happen indoors too. This was a topic raised by Dr Suruchi Goyal, Consultant Pediatric and Pediatric Endocrinology, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield. Being a mother to a 10-year-old, she experienced how her child thought of skateboarding in the living room. That is when it struck her hard how the child could either break a bone or have a head injury just because of the things present in the living room. It took her no time to convert this experience into learning and come up with various ways to avert accidents with kids playing at home, as going outdoors is undoubtedly not an option these days. 

A few safety measures that Dr Goyal has to share with us on ways to keep children safe from indoor accidents, especially during summer vacations: 

  • Doors, windows and cupboards are kids’ favourites and also the chances for them to have their fingers caught in between. Try to have child locks on doors, windows and cupboard doors for kids as old as 12 for when they play, they forget about everything around them. 
  • Keep medicines out of reach from kids. Those who have siblings can have ideas to try out medicines just for the sake that they look pretty. Keep medicines box locked in a cabinet.
  • Have heavy appliances and electronics stuck to the walls, making it impossible for the kids to pull them for its place 
  • Anything that could make the child trip should be kept safe in corners as tripping on anything can lead to head injuries in kids. 
  • Two fighting children at home can bump into anything, even wall corners. Try to keep the edges safe and secure too. 


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Who to kid here when we are considering kids’ safety, and kids can get hurt in possible ways? Hence, for parents, they need to know the right first aid to be given in such cases. In extreme cases, the child should be immediately taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. But first aid is an important step. Dr Sandhya B, Consultant- Plastic Surgery, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield shares some first aid essentials for kids who get injuries while playing at home: 

  • First Aid For Burns: If a child gets burns due to spilling of hot liquid, should be cooled immediately by putting the burnt area under cold running water for 4-5 minutes. Do not apply ice, something that a lot of people due when they get burnt. Also, refrain from applying toothpaste, or any other remedy like honey, etc. Further, explain kids not to burst the blisters that happen due to burns as it leaves a mark. For relief, aloe vera gel can be applied. The kid should be taken to the hospital if the burn is severe for proper collagen dressings. 
  • For Wounds And Bruises: In case of bleeding wounds, rinse with water and apply ice. With gauze, apply pressure on the wound until the bleeding stops. Seal small cuts with a bandage. 
  • Fingernail Bed/Cupboard Injuries: Cover the finger/wound with gauze and take the kid for dressing. Check for fractures. 

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