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7 Early Signs Of Kidney Diseases In Females

There are various symptoms that are evident in females having kidney diseases, Here are some early symptoms women should know. 

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Feb 28, 2022 19:54 IST
7 Early Signs Of Kidney Diseases In Females

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Kidney diseases are becoming more common in people. This is due to the lifestyle changes and habits that people are getting into. Adults have more kidney problems as compared to youngsters. Most of the people having some type of kidney diseases do not realise it until the severe stages where symptoms move towards complications. Women are more sensitive towards kidney symptoms as compared to men and therefore they need to be more careful about the signs and symptoms. Today we are going to discuss about some early signs of kidney disease that occur in women.

What are risks of kidney diseases for women?

Dr. Sumeet Nigam, General Physician from Sahara Hospital, Lucknow says that women can particularly be at more risk of these problems. The risk of this disease increases if they have high blood pressure, diabetes or some family history of such diseases. Women over 60 years particularly fall for some kind of kidney diseases as the functions tend to become weak and response becomes slow. This also affects women after their menopause in some cases. You should not ignore signs such as pain, cramps in muscles, and sleeping problems as it could be symptoms of kidney diseases for women.


Signs of Kidney Diseases in Females

1. Becoming tired often and having less energy

Females having any type of kidney disorder may tend to become tired very early and this could affect their daily functions. Kidney diseases occur because of build-up of toxins in the blood that lead to dysfunction in the kidneys. Those women who feel tired very often and have weakness should get themselves checked for kidney diseases. Renal diseases can also cause complications such as anemia in early stages that could also cause weakness and fatigue in the body.

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2. Unable to sleep and trouble sleeping

If you have symptoms of kidney disorders then it is more likely that you may have trouble sleeping and often wake up at night. This happens because the kidney filtration process does not work properly and thus cause sleeping issues in women. Due to kidney problems, toxins tend to stay in the blood rather than leaving the body due to which it makes it difficult to sleep. Women who are obese are also more likely to have chronic kidney diseases and sleep apnea.


3. Skin becomes dry and itchy

Kidneys are responsible to circulate healthy fluid in the body. The excess fluid gets removed from red blood cells and thus skin remains healthy. In case of kidney disorders, the skin of women may be affected and it becomes itchy and dry at times. You can notice these symptoms from a very early stage and therefore can prevent severity from happening. Dry and itchy skin is a symptom of kidney diseases that becomes evident when kidneys are not able to maintain the balance between minerals and nutrients in the blood. 

4. Increased urge to urinate

This symptom is common in both males and females, kidney functions regulate the flow of urine in the body. However if there is some dysfunction, then there may be increased urge to urinate. You may have to wake several times at night to urinate in night; it is a evident symptoms of kidney diseases and must not be ignored. If you are having increased urge to urinate, then you must speak to your doctor to get yourself diagnosed as early as possible.

5. Blood in Urine

If you are having blood in your urine, then it is definitely some serious disorder which is related to your kidneys. Kidney keeps the blood cells of the body from filtering waste that results to urine. If the kidney functions are not working properly, then those blood cells could leak from the kidneys and come in urine. It is a danger signs, more problematic for women; hence it could lead to serious complications. Blood in urine can also indicate tumours, kidney stones or serious kidney infection. 

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6. Ankles and feet becomes swollen

Women may have swollen ankles and feet as an early signs of kidney dysfunctions. This can be due to multiple factors however it can also indicate sodium retention in the body. Reduced working or problem in kidney functions can lead to sodium retention. It causes ankles and feet to swell and could also increase the risk of heart diseases, liver problems and chronic vein problems.


7. Foamy texture in Urine

There could be a possibility of foamy texture in the urine because of kidney diseases in females. This symptom is more evident in females rather than men because of the factors effecting women more prominently. Foamy texture means to have bubbles in your urine and that does not go away until you flush. Hence foamy urine indicates towards proteins in urine which happens when the kidney does not filter out nutrients from the blood. You must consult a doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

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