Keep your kitchen clean and tidy with these easy tips

You can't expect your food to be healthy and be of any good to your family until your kitchen is not completely clean. Bacteria, flies and other pests will always pose a risk of poor well-being of the family members.

Meenakshi Chaudhary
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Meenakshi ChaudharyPublished at: Oct 26, 2017
Keep your kitchen clean and tidy with these easy tips

If your trash is overflowing, that garbage disposal that you keep in the kitchen smells like a dirty sock and your sink is full of bacteria that may actually stand up and start crawling all over your kitchen, your kitchen definitely needs a break. Preparing food for your loved ones in such a kitchen where bacteria is lurking around all over the place is going to do no good to them. Here are some tips that can help you keep your kitchen clean and bacteria free to ensure the healthy well-being of your family.

 Cleanliness In Your Kitchen


Use a covered dustbin

Dustin is the breeding ground for all kinds of pests and unwanted guests like mosquitoes, rats, cockroaches and flies.  As we know, these pests are alarmingly good at spreading various diseases including diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, typhoid etc. Make sure you keep your dustbin covered especially during the night. Preferably, use a dustbin which comes with a lid. The lid will help in preventing the garbage odour from penetrating the air, thereby preventing the pests. Moreover, when you keep your garbage covered, cockroaches, rats and other pests will not be able to feed on it, thus helping you prevent them from entering your home.

 Keep your washbasin clean

Since you use washbasin to wash your utensils, you assume it to be clean. But if you closely look at your basin you will find that oil, fats and food particles make a coating on the sink, especially in the corners. These coatings make your washbasin a breeding ground for fungus, bacteria and other harmful elements causing infection and other ailments. Hence it is important that you keep your washbasin clean by washing it with a good detergent every day.


Wipe down surfaces well after use

Another spot from your kitchen which requires your attention is the countertop which you use to cut meat and vegetables. The juices that come out when you cut vegetables and meat tend to pool in certain areas of the countertop attracting bacteria. Besides, spilled milk or other sweet substances lure bacteria and fungus too.  So, always wipe down your countertop with a well- cleaned rag after every use. You should also wash your cutting board and rag the right away to keep them clean. 

keep you kitchen clean


Clean the crevices in your kitchen

The corners of a sink, counter top, spots between your kitchen tiles and the crevices on the kitchen floor tend to collect dirt, germs and food particles.  Hence, make sure you clean these areas once a week with a good cleaner to keep diseases at bay.


Clean your drain twice a month

Your drain may look clean from outside but from the inside, it is actually a suitable home for pests like cockroaches and rats due to rotten food and other food materials that get washed down through it. The food particles get attached to the walls of the drain making it a suitable home for the pests. Therefore, you need to clean the drain with an appropriate cleaner at least twice a month. If it gets clogged, ensure to unclog and clean it as soon as possible it from overflowing.


Use Pesticide

You should use proper pest control methods or pesticides regularly in areas where you store foods like rice, pulses etc. to prevent them from getting infested with pests and insects. It also prevents rats and cockroaches from contaminating your food.


Clean your fridge and microwave regularly

Your fridge and microwave can also become breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses if you don’t keep them clean. Therefore, make sure you clean your fridge and microwave regularly to prevent foodborne infections.


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