Just Got An In-Mail DNA Test Done? You Should Know These 5 Common Myths About DNA Testing

Now DNA tests can be done via mail by merely sending samples like a strand of a hair or a saliva swab to specific diagnostic labs

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Jan 18, 2020 15:56 IST
Just Got An In-Mail DNA Test Done? You Should Know These 5 Common Myths About DNA Testing

With the advancing medical field, now getting medical tests is very well possible from home. Right from blood tests, stool tests to urine tests, now we have several diagnostics centres in almost every corner of a city, offering services of performing medical tests and examinations at the comfort of your house. Also, complex investigations like DNA tests can be done via In-Mail services, which is fast gaining popularity across the globe. But, this does not mean that you need not see a doctor for the same. Now, one can get tests done at home and take the report for a consultation with the concerned doctor. However, when it comes to DNA testing, there are several myths in which people make-believe. It is a must to understand that proper care is required to anaylse the results of A DNA test as it is not everybody's job to understand what' in our DNA. Hence, if you are about to get a DNA test soon, then get your facts rights as we debunk a few myths surround the DNA testing and reports:

MYTH 1: DNA Test Can Predict Diseases, And It's Time Too


DNA testing is done to understand if there are specific illness present in the genes, including cancer, Alzheimer's but it certainly cannot tell when will it happen. Also, it cannot tell that you certainly will have any of the illnesses that were found in your genes. Also, a DNA test cannot show you what can help you avert the chances of any disease. It is a lifestyle modification that matters.

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MYTH 2: It Covers Everything About You


If you thought that one DNA test could tell you everything about you and your genes, then you are highly mistaken. There are several tests available for various health conditions. The same way, one DNA test cannot tell you everything about you and your genes. There are different kinds of tests for multiple testings.

MYTH 3: One DNA Report Can Map Your Family Tree


Like we said, now we have various diagnostic centres collecting samples from your doorsteps. Henceforth, it is not practically not possible for a database to have details of various areas and other centres too. So, it is likely that your test results may not have the name of certain members who got them tested from various other outlets or centres.

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MYTH 4: Sibling Information Should Be Same

We all know that a child gets 50-50 per cent genes from both the parents. This means it is not for sure that your sibling may have the equally same SNA as yours. You never know your genes could be from parent and your sibling from the other. This does not mean that the other person is not your sibling. It is all about understanding the facts of reading a DNA report properly.

MYTH 5: DNA Reports Advice On Nutritional Needs


This can be true in some cases where certain companies market their products this way. But interestingly, no studies indicate that there is a connection between genetic tests and nutritional needs of the body. So before selecting your package, understand what is a DNA test and what all it can tell about your genes.

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