Join a Choir and Stay Happy

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Dec 07, 2013

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Choir can keep you happyA new study by British researchers suggests that singing in a choir can be good for your mental health. The online survey of nearly involved 400 people, who either sang in a choir, sang alone or even belonged to sports team.

This study was presented at a meeting of the British Psychological Society in York, England. It did not actually show a cause and effect link between those singing in a choir and being happy. Nick Stewart, the study author of Oxford Brooks University said, "Research has already suggested that joining a choir could be a cost-effective way to improve people's well-being. Yet we know surprisingly little about how the well-being effects of choral singing are brought about.

Furthermore, he also said that the experience of using one’s own voice to make music can be enhanced when he or she feels being part of a cohesive social group. Also, more research on this could say how moving and breathing in concerts with others could be responsible for creating such a unique well-being effect.

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