It’s All about Chemistry

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Nov 15, 2012

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Its All about Chemistry

The head rush feeling and nervousness that you experience when meeting your beloved can be blamed to chemical changes that occur when you fall in love. Researchers have reportedly been successful to discover those areas in our brain that activate or completely shut down in the ‘intoxicating’ days of courtship.


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With the aid of scanning technology, the neurologists have decoded the mystery of becoming giddy, irrational in behaviour, nervous and unstable when a person enters into a romantic relationship. They found that when a person starts courting, the frontal cortex, which is vital for decision-making shuts down completely. The MRI scans display that this happens when a person is shown a picture of the one he adores causing them to adjourn all criticism and doubts.

Semir Zeki,professor of neuro-aesthetics at University College London said   that it is due to the higher biological purposes that our brain start working in this way. This makes reproduction more likely.  If the organ responsible for making judgment shuts down, even the most unlikely pair may get close and reproduce.


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