Is Using Smartphone for Parenting a Good Idea?

With the growing technology, people are addicted with their phones. Due to busy life and technology, parents give lower attention to their kids which has adverse impacts on their health..

Arushi Bidhuri
Newborn CareWritten by: Arushi BidhuriPublished at: Aug 22, 2019
Is Using Smartphone for Parenting a Good Idea?

Due to our busy lives, we pay less attention to our kids and more to our smartphones. Several studies have shown the negative impact of using smartphones on the minds of the adults and its impact on their children. Using smartphones can trigger health problems, disrupt sleeping patterns and even lead to the development of depressive symptoms in some people. This habit can interfere with the relationship you have with your kids. 

Kids depend on their parents for their emotional and social development but when you pay more attention to your phones then you do on our kids you end up neglecting them. Of course, you are not intentionally doing that but to your babies, it might not look the same. Your kids will end up using smartphones and stop doing any physical activity. 

Worry not, this is not a problem that can’t be fixed. You just have to change your habits and figure out a schedule wherein you give more time to your children and pay less attention to your phone. Before it makes you feel any more guilty, let’s address the elephant in the room. 

Here are some ways you can reverse the impact and make your kids feel more important. 

Give your Kids Undivided Attention


Kids need attention – undivided attention. This is the time when all your focus should be on your child without any interruptions. This will help you form a stronger emotional bond with them and leave a positive impact on them. Try to inculcate this method in your daily routine and you will start seeing the change in your kid as well. 

Change your Habits 

Changing your habits can help your child improve his or her habits. Kids learn to use smartphones in the first place when they see the people around them using them, especially their parents. Putting down your phones during meals and family conversations will have a positive impact on the kids. It is a parent’s job to make sure that their children are learning the right things from them and avoiding unhealthy habits. 

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Figure out your Phone Needs 

Some parents use phones because of their official work or something important. But most of us use our phones more than we need to – to surf the internet, use social networking sites, etc. It will be smart to write down your phone needs and stick to it. 

Use your phone only at times when it is necessary and avoid using it during family moments. Take over technology and don’t let it take over you and your family. 

Set Some Ground Rules 

It might not seem easy but if this works, half of the things in your life will be sorted. Make some rules and make everyone follow them, including yourself. 

  • No phones during family time. 
  • No phones during meals. 
  • Use phones only for a short period of time. 
  • No phones until the kids sleep. 
  • No phones allowed during kids’ play or study time. 

Happy Parenting!

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