Is Skin Fasting Real? Here's How You Can Do It

Many people chose to go for maintaining their skin naturally, hence, following skin fasting. Check out what it is and how you can follow it. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Nov 16, 2020
Is Skin Fasting Real? Here's How You Can Do It

Have heard of fasting for your body fat. Right? But, have you ever heard of fasting for the skin? Yes, you read that right. Skin fasting is actually a concept that gives your skin a break from the daily Skin-care routine. The science behind it is simple. It states that the way in which the soil is left for sometime to naturally regain its fertility the same happens with the skin. It helps in detoxifying the skin on its own. Some spokesperson believe that skin care regime is necessary for healthy skin but breaking the vicious cycle can give time to heal the skin naturally- though there is no concrete research stating the same. Read further to know how you can skin fast and a theory if you should do it or not.

How to skin fast? 

Your body is well equipped with the set of functions it performs but one of the main organ that is skin sometimes might not perform it’s own function. Skin fasting is not a very hard and fast concept but follows very basic normal steps. They are:

1. Skip the Moisturizers


Our skin, on regular basis produces sebum which is very beneficial for healthy skin and the application of artificial moisturizers can coach the skin not to produce natural oil. If taking a break, you can skip applying any moisturizers as this will train the skin to produce sebum. Your glow will come out naturally.

2. Eliminate exfoliation for sometime

Again, your skin already knows that it has to meet a particular level of skin cell turnover wherein it creates new cells and replaces the old ones. The exposed layer that is the epidermis is exposed to the air and gets dull with pollution. While skin fasting can help in inducing natural skin cell turnover rather than using retinol(coaching for production of collagen and new skin cells). 

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3. Let the skin toner work naturally

Though toners help in getting rid of any traces of dirt or dust and closing the exposed pores of the skin, regular usage of the same can be problematic. It can cause irritation and can make your skin dry. Leave your skin as it is for some time following the skin fasting schedule and experience the magic of your skin by just washing it with water. Your skin would be conditioned to breathe on its own. 

Should you skin fast or not?


Theories do not state that whether skin fasting would be successful or not. The decision narrows down to your skin type and the surrounding stimulus. When you feel that you’re burdening your skin with a particular regime then you should take a break and relax. This will relax your skin too. Though using a sunscreen is always recommended because it prevents skin damage even when you are indoors.

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These were the steps that are involved in skin fasting and theories on doing it. Adding to it, there are times when you have been using beauty products that are not right for your skin. So, getting a break or detox from those products can show recognisable changes in your skin. Interestingly, many people don't even believe if this process is real. You can try it according to your preference and look for yourself.

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