Want To Reduce Wrinkles? Try These 8 Useful Facial Yogasanas To Tone The Skin

You can fight the signs of ageing including wrinkles with the help of some useful facial yogasanas. Read on to try it out.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Apr 02, 2021 10:00 IST
Want To Reduce Wrinkles? Try These 8 Useful Facial Yogasanas To Tone The Skin

Your skin requires a lot of attention and time for maintainence. There are various factors that can lead to skin related issues such as acne, open pores, dark circles, freckles and wrinkles. There are many ways to keep your skin healthy and radiating, including a balanced diet, daily exercise and even facial yoga. Yes, there are several face yogasanas that can help in fighting the early signs of ageing. Face yoga, or facial exercises, basically help in strengthening particular muscles to keep the skin tight and firm. Face yoga is effective and trusted as it is less invasive as compared to other Botox treatments and artificial fillers. In fact, facial yoga is also cheaper than those methods. A lot of people choose to try out this natural way for their wrinkles these days.

The skin has the tendency to lose its elasticity as we get older due to the collagen production process slowing down with time. This can be rapidly increased with several factors, such as sun exposure, air pollution, and some simple lifestyle changes. As your age increases, the skin becomes more thin and dry too. When your skin does not have enough moisture or volume as it has generally, then it can make you an easy target for wrinkles. Some fine lines or signs of ageing are not an issue for some people but a lot of them appear on your face prematurely and can be a matter of concern. You can treat these wrinkles without medical or surgical procedures, but it is very tough to reverse the appearance of wrinkles once you already have them. But there are some ways that can make the wrinkle appearance process slow. Read this article further to know about some facial yogasanas to tone skin.

Facial yogasanas to reduce wrinkles

There are not many proven studies or researches about the effectiveness of face yoga. But, this practice is becoming more and more popular, and one or two studies published last year showed improvements and better results. There are several physical and mental benefits of doing Face yoga, because of which facial exercises are mostly suggested to people who are trying to recover from facial paralysis. So, here are 8 useful facial yogasanas to reduce wrinkles and tone skin:

1. Forehead smoother

The forehead smoother helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and should be done atleast 6 times a day. It is a simple facial exercise that opens up your muscles and focuses on your forehead. Just make a fist with both hands and the fingers facing toward you. Then, keep the knuckles of your middle fingers on your forehead and put some gentle pressure on it. Slide both your fists to each side of the forehead until the ending of your face. Make sure your fingers are pointing inward, and facing each other, while doing the forehead smoother. This is a natural way to sweep the forehead wrinkles.

2. Natural lip plumper

Natural lip plumper is also another facial yogasana which helps in pumping thin lips and reducing lines in both the corners of your mouth. You can sit or lie down and put your head back straight a little. Pucker your lips tightly and push forwards. Hold the natural lip plumper pose for atleast 10-15 seconds before leaving it. You can even pump your lips naturally using coconut oil or peppermint lip balm. These can stimulate the blood flow and there might be a mild swelling for a few hours.

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3. Double V

This facial exercise is beneficial for treating crow’s feet and dropping eyelids if done atleast 8 times every day. Try making a peace sign with both of your hands and put your middle fingers on the inner side of your eyebrows and the other fingers on the outer part of your eyebrows. Then, put gentle pressure and look upwards while squinting. As the name suggests, you have to make the victory sign using your fingers with both your hands and place them on individual eyes. Double V can even help in reducing the face fat around your eyes.

cheek lift

4. Natural neck lift

Natural neck lift helps in fighting drooping and sagging neck and jaw, and should be repeated around 5-6 times at regular intervals daily. You just have to tilt your head back gently so that you experience a slight stretch in your neck and bring your lower lip out so that you can feel the stretch that keeps expanding. Put your fingers on each side of the neck and then slide them down to your collarbone.

5. Blowfish

Blowfish helps in fixing sagging or thin cheeks. Just like the name says, you need to keep your mouth closed and fill your cheeks with as much air as possible. Stay in the same position for a few minutes. Blow out and release the air slowly and do this facial exercise 3 times a day. The fish face basically tones down your cheek muscles. It even helps in making you look leaner and showing your jawline. It will stretch the cheek muscles and make them wrinkle free.

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6. Lion pose

For lion pose yogasana, you just have to drop your jaw and open your mouth wide Stick out your tongue and stretch it downward toward your chin. Breathe through your mouth and make a sound in your throat like a lion’s roar. It helps in lengthening and strengthening facial muscles for a toned appearance. Repeat the exercise 5 times. Lion pose, also called simhasana, is mainly to stretch the face and throat muscles. You can prevent premature wrinkles on these areas with this face yoga.

lion pose

7. Big yawn

In this facial yogasan, you have to keep your mouth closed and try to show like you are chewing a huge bite of food. Then,  open your mouth as wide as possible, but press the tongue upto your lower teeth. Stay in this pose for 10-15 seconds. You can do this face yogasan as it helps in reducing double chin and also defining your cheekbones. Do the big yawn facial exercise should be done atleast 7 times a day.

8. Wide awake

Wide awake facial yogasan is done to reduce the eye bags and lose eyebrows and you have to repeat this exercise atleast 4 times daily. You have to put your hands on the sides of your face, with the ring fingers on the ends of your eyebrows. Applying slight pressure, slowly lift your hands up and back to pull the skin. Drop your jaw to make your face as long as possible. If you get into a habit of doing this facial yogasan, then you can avoid many cosmetic injections and facelifts.

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Therefore, these were some facial yogasanas to reduce wrinkles and tone your skin. Facial yoga is an amazing concept, however, still a lot of people are not aware of it. These facial exercises are natural ways to fight off wrinkles and other ageing signs that show up mostly on your face. An individual should do facial yoga once a day to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and also to regulate the facial muscles. You can get good results but it might take some time to show, but once it does, it is surely going to stay as natural makeup on your face. You can even talk to your yoga expert or dermatolgist about the above listed facial yogasanas for signs of ageing.

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