Is it Normal to Gain Weight after a Miscarriage?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Aug 26, 2011

Gaining weight after miscarriage can be as a result of normal hormonal changes or development of a medical condition called hypothyroidism.

It has been widely said and shared that women tend to put on weight a week or two after they have had a miscarriage. But, the fact of the matter is that sometimes, the weight just shoots up soon after miscarriage. And the weight increases despite exercising and eating within limits.


Reasons for Weight Gain after Miscarriage

  • Studies have reported that weight gain post miscarriage is mostly because of depression that spurts at the loss of one's baby that one had hoped so much for. The body as a result of this sulkiness tends to make a shift in the hormonal changes.
  • Depression in its intense state can cause the metabolism to slow down. Such women are advised to stay happy if they want to stay healthy. Puffiness that is observed soon after miscarriage could be a sign of the metaoblism not functioning adequately.
  • Depression may also push a woman to binge or eat emotionally, thus causing an increase in weight.
  • Another major factor for weight gain could be hypothyroidism. Visit your doctor immediately to get yourself diagnosed at the earliest. You might as well end up developing goitre after a few months if you do not seek treatment on time.

Your body actually recovers quickly after miscarriage but you do need to take care of your emotional health more. The problem of weight gain after miscarriage is also more related to issue of emotional health than any physical disorder. You should take care of your emotional health by the support of friends and relatives. Talking to them would surely help to relieve the burden. You can also seek solace by going online and getting to know people with similar experiences in forums.

You need to vent your emotions and friend, whether online or present before you should be able to help you in that. Knowing about other people with similar experiences also helps a lot. The problem of weight gain should also be diagnosed for the risk of developing hypothalmia. This is one condition that may develop after miscarriage.



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