Is Meat Addictive and Unhealthy?

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Mar 14, 2012

Believe it or not, animal products kill more people than tobacco. This notion has come into existence after it was discovered that the three biggest diseases – heart disease, stroke and cancer- that kill people in the West is linked with an excessive consumption of animal products. Vegetarians have been found to have a far less risk of all the three diseases. Besides, vegetarians have only a fraction of diabetes and obesity rates compared with the general population.

For some years, doctors have been attempting to reduce the risk of heart diseases in people by providing them a low fat vegetarian diet. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, a chunk of cancer cases can be treated or prevented by diet along with exercise.

There is a lot of money in the meat industry just as it is in the tobacco industry. Just like the celebrities, who supported the likes of tobacco and threw it at the audience as if harmless, old meat eaters have been conveniently ignoring the ill-effects of eating meat. Studies have shown that meat eaters become addictive to meat after a few years of consumption. Some people have been reported to get so used to eating meat everyday that they flinched at the thought of having to eat vegetarian dinner for a single night.

No matter how well you slice meat to throw the excess of fat away, every portion of it is coated with fat. Unlike milk, the fat portions of which can be separated, fat cannot be drained out of meat by whatever means. In fact, not only is the fat unhealthy, it is the kind that will only invite harm to your body. Besides, meat is high in cholesterol and an excess of consumption will cause artery-clogging.

The protein content in the meat has also been found to be unhealthy. Studies have shown that protein from meat has an increased amount of cholesterol compared with protein in plants, which in fact, reduces or balances the cholesterol levels in the body.

Tips to avoid eating meat

  • While you may not be able to avoid eating meat completely, there are ways you can reduce its consumption.
  • Select the leanest of meat at the store i.e. that which contains 7 percent of fat by weight.
  • Drip-dry the meat. Boil the meat as it is more likely to rid the meat off fat. Roast or bake the meat in its own juice.


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