World Iron Deficiency Day 2019: Know-How Jamun is effective in Battling Anaemia

World Iron Deficiency Day 2019: Women must consume Jamun to avoid the problem of iron deficiency in their body.

Tavishi Dogra
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World Iron Deficiency Day 2019: Know-How Jamun is effective in Battling Anaemia

Anaemia is a condition that occurs when the blood in the body doesn’t have sufficient or adequate amounts of healthy red blood cells. With this deficiency in the body, the cells won’t be able to carry enough oxygen since the haemoglobin is low because of the lack of red blood cells. People must have a good count of these cells to ensure the proper functioning of the body. From the last years, it is experienced that the people in the country are increasingly facing this problem. This condition has become so common that can even ensue to people at any age. If left untreated can be a cause of life-threatening problems.


Causes of Anaemia

Three are three main causes of the problem. Anaemia can be occurred due to problems like blood loss during menstruation, surgery, cancer, bleeding in the urinary tract etc. Another reason is due to the destruction of red blood cells which can cause due to problems like clotting disorders, an autoimmune attack, severe hypertension and even due to certain drugs. Lastly, this problem can due to lack of production of red blood cells. However, sometimes it is difficult to trace the exact cause of the problem.

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Few Symptoms of Anaemia

It is always insisted that no symptoms or indications given by the body should be taken lightly. Some of the few indications that our body reflects while one is having anaemia are:

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  • Unnecessary Tiredness, Weakness, Headache and Fatigue
  • Yellowish and Pale Skin or swollen hands and feet
  • Shortness of Breath or often Heavy Breathing at times
  • Pain in the bones, chest and joints
  • Problems in the Vision
  • Fast, Irregular or Unusual Heartbeat

To battle the cause or the symptoms of Anaemia, one of the natural sources that help in fighting is Jamun. Jamun is power-packed with several vitamins like Carbohydrates, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Protein, Magnesium, Calcium, Fibre, Iron, Potassium, Glucose, and other essential nutrients. Not only this, it even has high amounts of Iron in that are beneficial for people that are battling anaemia. 


  • The profusion of iron in Jamun makes it an excellent natural food that shall purify the blood, escalates the number of red blood cells and the level of haemoglobin in the body.
  • The presence of abundant vitamins also helps in dealing with unwanted fatigue and dizziness in the body which eventually averts the problem of Anaemia from the body. 
  • It even enhances the immune system that keeps problems like anaemia at bay. It is also advised that women should consume the fruit while they are on the period as the fruit shall prevent unnecessary blood loss in the body which can root the problem of Anaemia.
  • This natural remedy shall enrich the count of the red blood cells in their body making them energized and active throughout the day.

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