Ladies, Know 5 Intimate Hygiene Mistakes That You Might Be Committing

Here are some of the things that you shouldn’t do but you might be doing with your intimate health. Read and avoid these mistakes.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Aug 16, 2020Updated at: Aug 16, 2020
Ladies, Know 5 Intimate Hygiene Mistakes That You Might Be Committing

Taking care of your intimate health is equally important as the rest of the body parts. A lot of women still shy away from talking about personal or menstrual hygiene and they do not pay much heed to it either. They do not know that their intimate health can largely affect their overall health. Yes, there are many problems that take the route of your vagina due to poor hygiene or negligence towards proper care. There are certain things that we do are affecting our health negatively. In this article, we have mentioned some small but significant mistakes related to vaginal health that are catastrophic for overall health. Read them and avoid making them in the future.

#1 Touching vagina with dirty hands 

You might find it strange to hear, but touching the vagina with dirty hands is like self-inviting bacteria to your vagina. So whenever it is very important to wash hands before touching the vagina. Also if you use the loofah while bathing, wash it before use as well. This step eliminates all the dirt and bacteria trapped in the loofah and prevents their entry into the private part.

#2 Poor sanitation and using scented products around the vagina

Poor vaginal hygiene and using scented soap or vaginal spray can also harm the vagina. If you wonder if you should wash or clean the vagina with soap? The answer is no. Using perfumed products in vagina can affect the pH level of your vagina and cause vaginal infections such as chlamydia, vaginal bleeding, etc. Also, when you wash or clean vagina, always go from your vagina to anus, from front to back. Washing the vagina in another way can push bacteria towards the vagina, which can also cause infection. Pregnant women should take more precautions as this may cause UTI in pregnancy.

#3 Wearing synthetic cloth panties

If you wear panties made of synthetic cloth or satin on a daily basis, stop doing that. No wonder how good-looking they may be, these are not safe for your vagina if worn on a day-to-day basis. Once in awhile is safe but not for long hours. Synthetic panties are the leading cause of sweating and can cause infection. Wearing synthetic or tight panties does not allow sweat to dry out and increases the risk of vaginal bleeding, itching and other infections. It is best to wear cotton panties or underwear made of a breathable material to allow the air to pass through and not cause sweating. 

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#4 Not urinating after making out 

If you make a physical relation and do not pass urine after this, it increases the risk of UTI. Urination after intercourse helps in reducing the risk of UTI and also helps in cleaning up other bacteria of the vagina.

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#5 Intake of too much sugar or sweets 

Consuming too much sugar or sweets is not a good idea for your vaginal health. It can cause yeast infection. If you are diabetic, be more vigilant.

Taking care of these small things can bring you big benefits. By avoiding these mistakes, you are keeping your intimate health safe and preventing yourself from many health problems.

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