International Women’s Day 2020: The Inspiring Story Of ‘The Gutless Foodie’ Natasha Diddee

International Women’s Day 2020: Read the inspirational story of a successful foodgrammer who doesn’t have a stomach.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Mar 04, 2020 12:00 IST
International Women’s Day 2020: The Inspiring Story Of ‘The Gutless Foodie’ Natasha Diddee

We all eat to fill out tummy but Natasha Diddee aka ‘The Gutless Foodie’ eats to satiate her soul as she doesn’t have a stomach! Yes, you read that right. This 46-year old Pune woman doesn’t have a gut as she lost it to a tumor around eight years back. She eats just to provide the essential nutrients to her body but this tragedy couldn’t stop her from becoming one of India’s top ‘Foodgrammer’. Upon visiting her Instagram profile @thegutlessfoodie, the first thing that catches your eye is 94.4K followers which is a huge number. When you scroll through the account, you’d be treated with drool-worthy pictures of food(mind you, all cooked by Natasha herself). She is inspiring the world with her story and that makes your weakness, your strongest weapon.

In her words, “Don't dwell on the past, you no longer live there. Don't fret about the future as Noone has seen it. Just fully live in the present because it is, after all, another name for gift.”

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That Gutless Foodie - Re-Explained. A lot has been written about me being a strong woman. Thank you. �� But, I wouldn't have been able to battle my "no stomach" situation, without my amazing papa @diddeeravindra, my nurturing mamma @neelam.diddee, my rascal brother @sammelier949 & my personal rock - @beingbengt. Strength is not about gender. It's about strength. And who empowers you. They are my strength❤️ Today I'm re-sharing why I choose to cook People have asked me this question several times - When you're ill, why do you still cook? I'm not religious, but our world is such, that despite everyone being born the same way, we're born into a religion. Which, we are then taught. I was fortunate to be born into a family, which had mixed religions. So, despite not being religious, I learned to respect, several religions. In Hindu-ism, we're taught to pray in a temple in a certain way. We're taught to remove our footwear, take flowers, sweets & offerings for the Diety, close our eyes & pray. Then the priest accepts the offerings & gives you some of it back, as "prasad", which signifies that your prayers have been accepted & you've been blessed. Contrary to what I was taught & with no disrespect meant, I choose to understand it differently & apply that association, to cooking. For me, Praying & Cooking, is about arresting all senses ��When I remove my footwear or feel an ingredient, I arrest the sense of touch ��When I look at the Diety or at an ingredient, I arrest the sense of sight ��When I hear the priest praying or food cooking, I arrest the sense of sound ��When I inhale the fragrance of the lit incence or of food cooking, I arrest the sense of smell ��When I eat the prasaad or the food that I've cooked, I arrest the sense of taste If all 5 sences are arrested, I have no choice, but to be in that moment. Which to me, is the essence of praying. And that is why I cook. ❤

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Natasha Diddee’s Story Of Becoming The Gutless Foodie

Natasha has always been passionate about food. Born to a half Punjabi-half Parsi father and Maharashtrian mother, Natasha got lucky with cultural qualities. She did Hotel Management and then became a chef.

The turning point came about eight years ago when she came to know about perforated ulcers developing in her stomach causing acute pain. But this didn’t stop here, laparoscopy revealed a fatal tumor in her stomach! There was no solution except for total gastrectomy.

After the intricate eight-hour-long surgery, her stomach was removed! This saved her life but also changed it completely! But she, instead of mourning on what’s happened, stood up and started her life afresh. The result is in front of us now- a successful Instagram Foodgrammer- TheGutlessFoodie.

Natasha Diddee cooking

In a conversation with Onlymyhealyth, Natasha opened up and answered some questions that you all must be curious to know about.

How has life post gastrectomy been?

I think life post my complete gastrectomy is better than when I did have a stomach simply because I'm leading a more mindful life now. I make choices that positively affect my life.

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What are the challenges that you face in your day-to-day life due to absent gut?

I go through a syndrome called "dumping". It's the body's way of stopping me from eating too fast or too heavy foods. It's not a pleasant experience.

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That Breakfast of Gratitude - Done . . I may be feeling mushier than normal because he is after all taking me on an exotic vacation as of Saturday. So, I did this. I can not say this enough. @beingbengt is the kindest, gentlest & most giving soul that I have ever come across. I must be God's special child, to have him in my life. Those who have met him, know that this is a gross under statement. Whilst I'm all about the drama, the fun, the naughtiness & often sheer madness, he's about indulging my every whim. He rarely asks for anything. But I know that breakfast is his favourite meal of the day. So today, I made one of his favourites☺ I made fried eggs over - easy. I cooked chicken sausages in a mix of oil and butter and flavoured it with @touchoftaste beef stock glaze (you could substitute with a soup cube) I served these with a side of dijon mustard, his usual almonds, chilled stevia sweetened thick lassi and his morning cuppa sanity @nespresso ☺ All with a message written on a tray that I got from @decographyinc . We must celebrate love everyday! Mustn't we? What do you say?❤ . . . . . #breakfastofchampions #breakfastisserved #breakfastofchamps #breakfastlover #breakfastideas #eggsforbreakfast #breakfastclub #nashta #cookcl #glutenfreefood #refinedsugarfree #goodfoodindia #foods4thought #homemadefood #saveur #authenticfood #picoftheday #bangaloredays #chennaidiaries #punediaries #foodwithlove #nytfood #dietgoals #fullmeal #mumbaikar #foodofmumbai #ig_delhi #ig_food #igfoods #foodofinstagram

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Are there any food restrictions that you have to follow?

Over time I've realized that I can't digest red meat, cooked cheese and I limit my simple carbohydrates intakes such as rice and potatoes. I basically follow a low GI lifestyle. 

What motivated you to become a 'Foodgrammer'?

I healed myself with the food I cooked for myself & I wanted to share that journey with as many people as possible. I wanted people to realize that good clean simple home-cooked food is the way to go. 

How does it feel to become an inspiration for millions of people?

I have been told that I'm inspiring. But like I said I'm my Tedx talk, Inspiration without creativity is nothing. If you're inspired by someone or something, use that inspiration to empower yourself yo live your best life.

Natasha Diddee tedx talk

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A quick health tip for readers

Don't dwell on the past, you no longer live there. Don't fret about the future as Noone has seen it. Just fully live in the present because it is, after all, another name for gift. 

In other words, don't stress. Just live your best life

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