Include These Proteins in Your Diet For a Flat Stomach

Ever thought whehich food items can lp you get a flat tummy? Protein-packed food is essential in a diet to boost metabolism for a flat stomach. Here's how diet plays an important role in getting you a flat stomach

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Jul 12, 2019 10:52 IST
Include These Proteins in Your Diet For a Flat Stomach

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Protein is necessary to expedite the metabolism in an individual. A protein-rich food is a necessary component for those watching their weight and striving towards a flat stomach. As per studies, higher the protein, lower the BMI and a small waist. To slim down, it is essential to maintain muscle mass and follow a suitable fat loss diet packed with proteins. The more you workout, there is a need for extra protein intake to supplement the stressed muscles. Also adding some important food items can fasten the process of getting a flat tummy. 

Incorporate these food items in your diet for a flat stomach: 


An excellent source of protein, skinless chicken is essential for weight watchers. It helps lose weight without adding to your weight. It is recommended to have skinless poultry as it free of all the fat, which consists of the skin. Fats contained the skin of the poultry comes under the ‘unhealthy fats’ category. Ensure to cook or grill your skinless meat with just a drizzle of oil for a healthy meal. 

Egg Whites 

Considered the best for weight watchers, egg whites are great for breakfast as it keeps you fuller and ensures that you do not binge eat now and then. Egg whites are also a great source of energy, which is required by the body for smooth functioning. It helps make the bone stronger, fastens the internal healing process of the body and enhances the stamina of an individual. A fluffy egg white omelette with brown bread and some fresh juice make for a great breakfast spread. 

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Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, seafood is an excellent alternative to poultry and eggs. It is low on fats, which makes it great for those working out in the gym for a leaner body and a flat stomach. A fresh fish or a salmon, drizzled with some olive oil, is excellent for a meal. Seafood provided nutrients to keep your eyes and heart healthy. Also, seafood helps in burning of calories and gets the blood flowing in the body. 


Soy is a great source of protein for those trying to lose weight and get a flat stomach. It is a saviour for vegetarians and is enough to fill up the protein needs in an individual. Soy is great for health as it helps control bad cholesterol and boost good cholesterol in the body. 

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We all suffer from unbearable hunger pangs, and nuts are the best options to binge at that time. For a flat stomach, it is important not to eat unnecessarily, keeping a strict check on the diet. If you are in between meetings or stuck in traffic, just a handful of nuts are enough to curb sudden hunger pangs, without adding much to the fat content in the body. Nuts are packed with antioxidants and are loaded with proteins. However, one should avoid sugar-coated nuts are they come under the category of processed food items, adding to the calorific value. 

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