Importance of Flossing your Teeth

Flossing of teeth is one of the critical aspects of dental health that ascertains oral hygiene along with rendering several benefits.

Himanshu Sharma
Written by: Himanshu SharmaUpdated at: Dec 03, 2012 13:59 IST
Importance of Flossing your Teeth

Among factors responsible for maintaining good condition of teeth is flossing, which helps one from preventing gum complications and other oral concerns. Moreover, flossing of teeth is also associated with the heart related ailments like heart attacks and strokes. Flossing teeth takes few minutes but returns innumerable benefits.

One has to check with the dentist before commencing flossing on teeth. Getting expert advice is a requisite for doing it in the right manner. If done in the incorrect manner, one won’t be able to receive all the possible benefits. With the assistance of dentist, one can learn and practice flossing in the correct manner, receiving crucial advises for holding floss within teeth. Moreover, ask for his assistance on how frequently one should floss.

Significance of Teeth Flossing

Oral condition of any kind is likely to affect your healthy being. Therefore, it is quite important to understand the importance of flossing teeth. There are convenient and inexpensive ways of practicing teeth flossing, which could get expensive at times with several sittings at dental clinic. Following a regular pattern of teeth flossing will not only prevent health complications but is also good for budgetary reasons.

Infrequent flossing or ignoring it could raise dental concerns. Flossing should be regularly practiced, as it cleans up places where brush has no access. There are times when food pieces get stuck within teeth and are difficult to remove by brush after repeated efforts. Flossing removes pieces of food stuck within teeth. If these food pieces are not removed, these can cause tooth decay. In this manner, the practice helps in keeping cavities at bay.

Steps for Flossing Teeth

  1. Make sure that the length of the dental floss is 9 inches.
  2. Hold an end of floss with the help of index fingers. Wrap it two to three times around your index finger in order to firm its grip. Use your thumb of the same hand to hold it properly.
  3. Slide floss of the bottom molar. Rub the floss under the gum line.
  4. Bring the floss within two teeth. Thereafter, move dental floss to the other side of your molar; keep it moving between your teeth.
  5. Keep sliding dental floss up and down first molar, and repeat the process for other teeth.
  6. For teeth at bottom, pull floss straight up, whereas for top teeth slide it straight down between your teeth. Do it for all your teeth.
  7. Ascertain sliding dental floss along both sides besides pulling it under the gum line.


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