How to Strengthen Heart Valves

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Jan 24, 2014
Quick Bites

  • The four valves help to pump oxygen into the heart.
  • Include a heart healthy diet into your daily life.
  • Quit smoking now if you want your heart valves to work well.
  • Exercise regularly, pick any cardiovascular exercise.

The human heart has four valves, and these valves help to pump oxygen into the heart. Hence, you can very well understand why it is absolutely necessary for you to keep your valves strong and working.

strengthen heart valvesThere are times when you valves would fail to work appropriately, it would falter and fail you. It could be something like how your valves are not closing properly and this could then lead to regurgitation of blood. The problems pertaining to heart valves come to show due to certain factors like age, congenital birth defects, rheumatic fever and other infections. Your heart valve can weaken and blood would not flow properly. You can alter any such problems by strengthening your heart valves, and here are some of the ways in which you can do so.

Heart Healthy Foods

The first and foremost thing to do is to lead a heart healthy lifestyle and this means you need to include a healthy diet. You should also try and limit your alcohol consumption and quit smoking all together. You will bring about a great change in your heart health if you can include five different types of fruits and vegetables every day and if you can also include fish, whole grain food products, and cut out sugary drinks. Include almond, walnuts, oatmeal, salmon, kidney beans and flaxseed.

Exercise Regularly

You will do yourself a great favour by exercising regularly. This means not just weight training, but more importantly cardio vascular exercises. Start with stretching every day and then do exercises that will help your heart to grow strong. These exercises are running, swimming, biking, jogging, or just plain and simple walking. Apart from stronger valves you can also get a toned body with increased strength. But if you have a heart condition then you must consult your doctor before starting any exercise.

Reduce Risk of Rheumatic Fever

Rheumatic fever is an infection that weakens the heart valves. The fever comes from a bacterial infection such as strep throat and comes in very easily. If in case you have sore throat, difficulty in swallowing, fever or any such bacterial infection then you must see your doctor immediately. These bacterial infections must be diagnosed early so as to reduce any long term effects.

Quit Smoking

Even though we have mentioned this before, we would like to bring this out and let it stand alone. This is simply because smoking is one of the worst enemies of the heart. Your heart valves are very scared of the nicotine that you smoke each time you want to feel the kick. If you already have a heart disease and you decide to continue to smoke then that is even worse. Take help from your doctor and close ones if you want to live with strong heart valves.

If in case anyone has severe symptoms of bad heart valve health then a surgery would be the safest thing to do. A surgery of the heart valve would mean that your valves would either be repaired or replaced. Surgery is the last measure, and it could be really something that you do not want, so start living a heart healthy life and strengthen your valves.

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