How to prevent molds from clothes

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Feb 29, 2016

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Quick Bites

  • Damp clothes in a cupboard can cause molds on your other clothes.
  • Fungus or molds on clothes look very bad.
  • Camphor balls can be kept in a cupboard to prevent Bacteria.
  • Keeping Neem leaves is another natural way of keep fungus away from clothes.

Molds on clothes are not a very pretty sight but it is something you cannot even prevent, or can you? Yes, you can prevent mold from clothes and removing mold from clothing is easier than you think. Your entire wardrobe gets ruined because of molds and fungus.

How to prevent molds from clothes

We list out easy methods by which you can prevent mold from clothes.


Moisture make things worse

Clean your cupboard and closets of moisture, which is the primary reason behind molds on cloths. Remove the clothes that are damp and hiding in the corners. Get them out and hang them dry.

Camphor balls can prevent molds

You can place camphor balls in your cupboard to keep moisture, other insects and fungus from entering your cupboard.

Damp clothes should be removed

Whatever is prone to molds and mildews, should be kept in a place where there is moisture and damp clothes that are in cupboards create enough moisture to induce molds.

A small bulb will do

You can put a small light-bulb inside your cupboard or closets because it will keep the cupboard a bit warm and Bacteria at bay.

Go natural

You can place Neem leaves, camphor or cloves to prevent fungus. Clothes only look good if they are clean and keeping Neem leaves will also keep your clothes clean.


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