How To Find If Your Spouse Is Having An Extramarital Affair?

Do you think your spouse is having an affair? Then you must check out these signs which may help you find out if he/she is cheating on you.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Aug 17, 2019 13:13 IST
How To Find If Your Spouse Is Having An Extramarital Affair?

Do you think your spouse is having an affair? Is he/she cheating on you? If these kinds of questions come to your mind then it means your relationship is going through a rough patch. Generally, such doubts arise when there is a visible change in the behavior or actions of your significant other. Although every relationship is different there are a few common threads that you can check with your partner for infidelity. Here are 7 signs that may indicate your partner’s cheat or disloyalty and that they are having an extramarital affair.

1. Secretive and frequent use of phone

You find your partner always on the phone either chatting or on a call. Their expressions change when you see them talking. You would begin to feel fishy at the very moment. Also, if now their phones and laptop are password protected, it certainly raises a doubt.

2. Dull sex life

If your partner is more interested in someone else, they would find an excuse to stay away from you. They would either show a little or no interest in intimacy. Whereas, sometimes people indulge in over sex just to cover up their mistakes. You can easily detect whether they are doing it emotionally or just for the sake of it!

3. Sudden changes in appearance & styling

If your significant other has suddenly got into the grooming game and spends hours getting ready, it might be possible that they’re doing it to impress the third person. This point should be considered only if they’re being their old self with you and stylish otherwise.

4. Change in attitude

Cheaters don’t like an intervention. If your spouse gets irritated and angry on your frequently, it is not a good sign. While this might be a case of stress and tension, if it becomes regular then it is alarming for your marriage.

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5. Out of reach for longer periods

If your spouse doesn’t respond to your calls and texts and avoids communication with you, you gotta check with them. Also, when they get in touch, they would make different excuses to make you believe that they were busy with work. This is a common sign of extramarital affair.

6. An altered schedule

If your significant other is now working overtime frequently and finds it hard to get time for you, it is a bad sign. They might lie when you ask about their whereabouts. Also, if they seem to be out of radar on weekends as well, it might be a strong case of cheating. You can check out for other signs of cheating.

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7. Unexplained expenses

Those having affair are likely to spend a lot on their affair partners. If there is a sudden increase in the credit card bill of your spouse, question them. If they are true, they will explain the reasons. Only disloyal people would try to escape the questions and their answers would be unsatisfactory.


These are just indications and might not be true in some cases. Don’t jump into any conclusion as it is a matter of a lifetime. Your partner might show some or all of these signs but not be cheating on you. And sometimes they might not show any of these indications and still be cheating. It depends.

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