How To Do Yoga When You Are Not Flexible, Tells Yoga Expert

Flexibility is important to prevent muscle wear and tear. Here is how yoga can help improve your flexibility.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Sep 21, 2022Updated at: Sep 21, 2022
How To Do Yoga When You Are Not Flexible, Tells Yoga Expert

Yoga is for everyone no matter what age or body type you are. It is a never-ending journey to find your true self. Flexibility for beginners is possible with yoga as it is beneficial to people of all ages and has countless advantages. If you are inflexible, you shall exercise these tips by Himalayan Siddha Akshar, Founder, Akshar Yoga Research and Development Centre

Yoga promotes healthier hair, radiant skin, stronger immunity, flexibility, awareness, and many more benefits. While asanas can help you get started on your journey physically, you need also be sure to use other spiritual practises like pranayama and meditation to focus your mind.

Start with a warm up

Beginning slowly is always preferable for a beginner. Build your practise gradually over time, concentrating on maintaining a regular and consistent practise. Yoga develops the disciplined habit of self-control and the propensity for self-care.

Start with subtle exercises such as Sukshma Vyayam. These involve carefully warming up the joints by gently rotating the neck, arms, wrists, hips, and ankles. Walk quickly while stretching and moving your muscles. This will protect you from practice-related injuries and get your body ready for a practise.

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Listen to your body

How To Do Yoga When You Are Not Flexible

Adapt your practise to the speed that feels comfortable for you. Start out slowly and focus on your breathing as a novice. You have the option of practising at a rapid, slow, or medium pace. This is entirely dependent on your degree of fitness and how at ease you feel in the poses. Yoga is not only very adaptable but also tremendously empowering. You can shape yourself into a self-care routine with its assistance. Yoga also balances your mind, body, and spirit for wellbeing, growth, and development.

Build a Strong Foundation

The yoga practise never has a dull moment. Every day is a fresh start and an opportunity to learn something new. While being receptive to learning is usually a good idea, you should also practise restraint until you get the hang of it. Yoga can be physically demanding, which can be intimidating if you have never exercised or engaged in any physical activity before. Make careful to start out slowly and perfect your foundational poses.

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Go step by step

Yoga for Flexible Body

Goals are crucial, and yoga is the ideal practise for ingraining this notion in you. Yoga gives you the strength to endure any time you are attempting an asana and find it difficult. As a result, completing that asana becomes your objective, which motivates you to keep trying until you succeed in the pose. But it's vital to take things slowly and be kind to yourself. Yoga is a science of the body that teaches us how to maximise the amazing living and breathing apparatus that God has endowed us with. Understanding your own body will help you establish a close connection with it.

Commitment and discipline

Like any new experience, practising yoga calls for dedication and perseverance. Only by consistently practising will you be able to reap its advantages, thus consistency is essential. Your first step in demonstrating your passion and commitment to yoga can be as simple as turning up on your yoga mat each day for practise.

The practitioner has a total of 84 lakh asanas to complete in asanas alone. Additionally, there are various degrees of pranayama, meditation, mudras, chanting, and other practises. While the road of yoga is never-ending, it is also a one that offers countless opportunities. Take a plunge into it while keeping these ideas in mind, and make sure to relish each step of the way.

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