Are You A No-Meat Athlete? Here's How To Build Muscle Naturally

No-Meat Athletes are people who run on plants instead of meat.

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Mar 16, 2023 18:14 IST
Are You A No-Meat Athlete? Here's How To Build Muscle Naturally

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When it comes to muscle building, protein consumption is heavily emphasised. If you want to build muscle, you should consume protein twice per gram of your body weight. The major protein-rich foods are fish, poultry and meat. And it is widely believed that to meet your daily protein count you must consume meat. But what if you're a No-Meat Athlete looking to gain muscle mass? Does that mean you can't do it by eating plants? So, if you're a vegan or struggling to gain muscle, let's first define a No-Meat Athlete and how you can naturally build muscle.

What Is A No-Meat Athlete?

No Meat Athlete is a book by Matt Frazier and Robert Cheeke that advises people to run on plants instead of meat. The book reveals that the human body does not require meat, eggs, or dairy to function properly. According to the book, a plant-based diet provides the best possible recovery times, cell oxidation, injury prevention, and restorative sleep, allowing athletes to train more effectively and achieve better results. The book also discusses why plant protein is preferable to meat protein and how plant protein can be used to increase strength, muscle mass, and power.

How To Build Muscle Without Meat?

The meat industry has dominated people's beliefs that in order to gain muscle, they must consume meat. The fundamentals of muscle development include stimulating the muscle with new stimuli. So, if you want to bulk up, here's what you should focus on. 

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Break The Muscle

You must know people who binge on protein but fail to gain muscle. Chances are, all these people are not training well. To build muscle, you must first break it down by engaging in resistance or weight training. Protein consumption and recovery are subsequent processes that aid in muscle growth, not muscle building. Your main priority should be to train till failure and to ensure that you lift the weight with proper form and work the right muscle during the workout. Muscles break when they are shocked by new exercise. So, whenever you're lifting, don't do the same exercise twice; instead, alternate between them and try adding extra sets.

Give Time For Recovery

How many times have you had your second arm day of the week and your muscles were still sore? Soreness indicates that your muscles are not healing properly. The fundamentals of recovery are adequate calories and adequate rest. Carbohydrates are our bodies' primary source of energy, so your goal should be to consume carbs before and after your workout to aid recovery. Similarly, recovery occurs while sleeping. Make it a habit to get six to eight hours of sleep per day.

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Eat Enough Calories

Muscle building occurs when you eat in excess, so your goal should be to eat more than your maintenance calories. If your maintenance calories are 2,100, you must consume 2,500 calories to gain muscle, with carbs accounting for 50 per cent of the calories, protein accounting for 30 per cent, and fat accounting for 20 per cent.

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