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Achieve Your Fitness Goals Without Using Supplements, Expert Weighs In

It's important to remember that supplements are just that: supplementary. They are not essential for reaching your fitness goals. 

Sushmita Sharma
Written by: Sushmita SharmaUpdated at: Apr 16, 2023 13:17 IST
Achieve Your Fitness Goals Without Using Supplements, Expert Weighs In

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Reaching your fitness objectives may seem like an overwhelming endeavour, especially in light of the market's overabundance of products that claim to hasten your progress. It's crucial to keep in mind that supplements are just supplementary. They are not necessary for achieving your fitness objectives. Without using any supplements, you may reach your fitness goals if you have the appropriate approach and strategy.

One of the most crucial considerations when it comes to fitness is consistency, according to Mr Mehakdeep Singh, an industry specialist and the co-founder and CMO of Fitelo. Fitness goals are no different when it comes to the need for consistency. This entails maintaining a routine (that includes nutrition, exercise, and mental health) and remaining dedicated to your objectives.

Expert Tips To Benefit Without Using Supplements

Making your nutrition a priority will help you reach your fitness goals without using supplements. Eating a balanced diet that includes complete, organic foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and healthy fats is crucial. These foods are full of the vital nutrients your body needs to function at its peak, giving you energy, helping to develop and repair muscles, and promoting post-workout recovery.

Unfortunately, the popularity of fast food and packaged goods has led to an increase in the prevalence of nutritional deficiencies. Due to this, a lot of people take supplements like calcium tablets, multivitamins, and B complex pills. However, these supplements frequently have low rates of absorption and can pose a number of health risks. Consuming natural, healthful meals is the better course of action to address vitamin deficiencies.

For those who suffer from arthritis or another joint discomfort, calcium is a crucial nutrient. Consuming dairy foods like milk, cheese, and yoghurt or green leafy vegetables like spinach, which are high in calcium and fibre that helps with digestion, is preferable to taking calcium supplements.

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Role Of Vitamins

Vitamins that are water-soluble, including vitamin C and the B complex, can be absorbed by the body and any excess can be excreted. Whole grains, cereals, sprouts, fermented meals, and fruits like bananas and watermelons all contain these vitamins. The liver and fat tissues store fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E, and K, which can be acquired from foods like carrots, papaya, mushrooms, sunflower oils, saffron oils, nuts, seeds, and green leafy vegetables.

Role Of Protein 

Although natural foods like sprouts, tofu, paneer, almonds, and seeds are also excellent sources of protein, protein supplements are still widely used to build muscles. Artificial supplements are not essential because nutritious foods already contain all the nutrients needed.

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Role Of Exercise

Regular exercise is also vital for accomplishing your fitness objectives without the use of supplements because it helps to develop strength, increase endurance, and enhance general health.


Nutrients should always be obtained from natural food sources, and supplements should only be taken in dire situations when issues arise suddenly, or on a doctor's recommendation. Maintaining a balanced, healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables at least four times per day is crucial for maintaining good health. Overall, with the proper mindset and technique, you may achieve your fitness objectives without using supplements. A strong and healthy body that can function at its peak can be built by putting an emphasis on whole foods, frequent exercise, and obtaining adequate sleep.