How to Stop Receding Gums?

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Jun 01, 2011

Baby Receding gums are often caused by vigorous brushing sessions or injured gums. Here is a handy guide that can stop receding gums:


  • Receding gums caused my external reasons such as careless brushing or injury by toothpicks can undergo a quick healing process if a small ice cube is kept inside the mouth for two to three minutes. Ice cubes can help your bleeding and bruised gums relax.
  • If you are suffering from receding gums, avoid using a hard bristled toothbrush. Exercising caution while choosing your toothbrush is a must. Hard bristles can cause permanent damage to the gums and expose the roots of the teeth, in extreme conditions.
  • Have at least 1,000 mg of vitamin C every day. Vitamin C is water soluble and gets flushed out of the body much more easily than other nutrients. People suffering from receding gums should consume vitamin C to fasten the healing process of the gums.
  • Avoid eating meat or any other food items that would tend to stick in between your teeth. Receding gums make the muscles lose due to which the food particles often tend to enter the gaps. This might cause serious damage to the teeth as the gums undergo inflammation and pain at times. This is the prime cause of all infections. So, careful eating patterns can stop receding gums.
  • Apart from that, one should stop grinding their teeth. Often children and aging people suffer from grinding teeth or bruxism which occurs due to misaligned cases of orthodontia. This needs immediate doctor’s attention and the severity of the situation will decide the course of action. Children suffer from this while teething and old people show symptoms of bruxism due to loosening of gums or loss of firmness in the gums.
  • Malformed teeth can also cause receding gums. The best way to stop them is to get your tooth aligned so the tissues do not face wear and tear. At times, even a gum tissue graft (replacement of the Frenum) or braces can stop receding gums. One should always visit an orthodontist for appropriate detection and best results.
  • Take adequate precaution after getting your tooth extracted as that is the most critical time when gums stand a chance of receding. for avoiding this gum disease one must avoid consuming hot food items.
  • If gums have started receding and you have braces in your mouth, visit an orthodontist and get them realigned. At times, ill-fitted braces cause recede gums. This is because food particles tend to get trapped around the hooks of the braces leading to prolonged irritation.
  • Avoid tongue piercing to stop receding gums. Get the barbell device attached below the tongue creates maximum friction in the gums.
  • Abstain from chewing snuff to stop receding gums. Snuff contains carcinogen which can turn cancerous in the later stages of the receding gums.


Hope these tips help you to maintain your dental health and fight the battle against receding gums.


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