How to Stick to New Year Resolutions

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Dec 29, 2011

Here comes another New Year and out of sheer habit we make yet another new year resolution. Let’s see how long this one last.


New Year resolutions should be such that they are easy to follow. The simple rule is that don’t expect too much from yourself. Try to find out what you can do easily and stick to them. Going out of the way to prove something to yourself or to others is of no use. Just think of only achievable resolutions; things that will make you a better human being and help you lead a more comforting life.


Generally, resolutions are made in the heat-of-the-moment and more often than not, they are extremely emotional in nature. Ideally, the resolutions should be achievable, measurable and realistic in nature so that people don’t get depressed in case they fail to live up to them. Prepare your mind first for any kind of desired change and then focus properly.  


One of my friend Priyanka Thakur, 27 (name changed) has made a resolution that she will not hide any single thing from her fiancé, irrespective of the effect it will have on their relationship. She believes that this act will strengthen their relationship for the betterment of their love life.



My cousin’s husband Sandeep Uppal, 28 (name changed) has just been blessed with a baby girl mid of this year and believes that his life has been changed drastically with the baby’s arrival.  Ever since that, he has promised to not have drinks and smoke for the betterment of his baby’s health.


Another friend Dona Sethi, 22 (name changed) who has just married her long-time love, said that they both have decided to be patient and understanding as living with each other demands additional responsibilities.  

All these people are strictly following their resolutions till now and promise to follow it in future as well. What are you waiting for? Make a new year resolution and stick to it but don’t choose an unrealistic one.

---Dr. Jitendra Nagpal, Consultant, Psychiatry, Moolchand Medcity, New Delhi


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