How to Make Bhang Lassi

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Feb 23, 2012

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Bhang LassiRevelling in bhang is one of the traditions of Holi festivities. Bhang lassi is one of the drinks prepared for enjoying on the day. Along with buds and leaves of cannabis, other ingredients that are used to make the lassi are milk, ghee, nuts and spices.


Here’s how you can prepare delicious bhang lassi


Ingredients for Bhang Lassi:

  • 30 grams of cannabis.
  • Half a cup sugar.
  • One tablespoon of coconut milk.
  • One tablespoon of chopped almonds.
  • Powdered ginger, about one-eighth of a tablespoon.
  • Pinch of garam masala.
  • A cup of water.

Procedure of making Bhang Lassi:

  • Boil water in a teapot and mix cannabis in it.
  • After boiling, brew the mixture for seven to ten minutes before straining.
  • The strained cannabis should now be ground with two tablespoon of milk. Repeat this step many times.
  • Use another bowl to strain the milk and keep it aside.
  • Adding some more milk to the cannabis, put almonds in the mix and grind it several times.
  • Now, remove the cannabis and pour out the milk in a container. Add grenadine and boiled water into this container.
  • Mix sugar, ginger and garam masala in the mixture and stir for a while.
  • Your bhang lassi is ready to be served.

This is the basic recipe for making bhang lassi and you can add a few more ingredients to make it taste better. Ghee or spices are some of these ingredients that give a unique flavour and aroma to the drink. Watermelon, poppyseeds, aniseed, cardamom powder, gulkand, gulab jal (rose essence) are some of the other ingredients that are used to make the drink much more worth drinking. You can add more of these and actually reap a lot of health benefits rather than getting high with cannabis.

In some homes, the cannabis content is kept so low that it does not really result into any sort of intoxication and neither any hangover in the morning next. Yoghurt is another ingredient that can be mixed with the above and blended to give a wonderful refreshing drink. So, you can enjoy the festive spirit with a healthy concoction of herbs, nuts and spices and revel in taking cannabis along with them.


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