How to Involve Dad in Baby Care

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Feb 28, 2012

How to Involve Dad in Baby CareInvolvement of baby’s dad in caring for the baby plays an important role in developing a bond between the two. A dad’s care for the baby brings about the feeling of security in the baby.

A father’s help in caring for the baby provides both emotional and mental support to the mother. A father can get involved in baby care in many ways.

By changing diapers - Father has to learn how to change the baby’s diapers. The dad can give potty training to the baby. Though it sounds easy, but it’s a difficult thing to perform for the new fathers. Also, it will allow him to get closer physically and emotionally with the baby.

By feeding the baby - A father can milk feed the baby using a bottle. While doing this, a he can talk, sing or narrate any story to his child. This develops a sense of comfort between him and the baby. Fathers can develop a bond with the baby by feeding, touching and talking.

By holding the baby - New fathers generally avoid holding the new born baby. This is because babies are very sensitive and they don’t want to harm them in any way. It’s the role of mothers to encourage fathers to hold the baby. Allow them to spend more time with the baby. This will build their confidence and increase their compatibility with the child.

Give him responsibilities - Give responsibilities to the father so that he spends more time with the baby. Allow him to bathe the child or take him/her out for a walk. This will help baby to understand that dad too can give love, care and support to them.

Encourage to make the baby go to sleep- Encourage the father to make the baby sleep. For new fathers it’s a really tough task, but this will help them understand the baby’s mood swings and behaviour. Moreover, he will be aware of the things that can irritate the baby

Ask for help - Sometimes mothers get too involved in their household work. In such cases she should ask the father to look after the baby. This would develop a feeling of concern in him. The father will get more time to spend with the baby, which in turn will increase the sense of attachment among them.

Making fathers involved in baby care requires a mother’s trust and faith. A woman should believe that her partner is quite efficient in taking care of the newborn.


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