ABC of Potty Training

Giving your child potty training is an important task, after all the nappies need to take off some day and your little one needs to answer nature's call all by himself! Get a good insight on how to potty train your child here.

Vatsal Anand
Newborn CareWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Dec 27, 2012Updated at: Jan 27, 2013
ABC of Potty Training

ABC of potty training

Most parents would want their child to reach the milestone of potty training when the time comes. If for no other reason, an end to changing nappies is good enough. There is no rule about what is the right time for potty train a child, and one needs to take into consideration several factors. You should know certain basics of potty training so that your child finds it easy to adopt your instructions.

Is your child ready?


You do not need to rush your child into potty training. Some kids are ready by the time they are 2 years old while others need to stay till they are 4 years old. Some signs such as the kid trying to imitate the elders.


Do you have the right equipment?


This means having the right size potty for your child or the right seat attachment to the regular toilet for your child. Make sure that your child is seated in the correct position to push when according to h is bowel movements.


Make your child interested


You might want to prepare your child’s mind to make him want potty training. Next time your child does it in his nappy, take him to the regular potty seat and show where his poop goes. That will make him realise the connection between sitting there and the appropriate bowel movements for it. Letting him flush the toilet emptied with his own poop can help to encourage him towards using it the next time.


Do not use the nappy


Make your child sit on the toilet seat without the nappy. Make your child sit on the toilet seat without the nappy on. Tell him that he has become a grown up and this is the thing grownups do. He may take a fancy to the idea and start doing it on the seat. Do not press him to do it repeatedly. Let him get used to the idea gradually.

Do not be angry at failures


It is natural for your child to take his or her own sweet time when learning to use the toilet. He is going to be trained about using it at night and day separately. If he has an accident in using the potty, i.e. keeping the bladder and rectum close, clean it up without scolding and ask him to try the potty the next time such an accident is about to happen.


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