How are Homeopathic Medicines Made

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Feb 01, 2013

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Homeopathic remedies are made from vegetable, mineral and animal substances. In most homeopathic medicines alcohol tincture is used, which are then in succession diluted. If the medicine is not soluble in alcohol, it is mixed with milk sugar and ground in a mortar and pestle. Homeopathic remedies are then diluted and dispensed. For dilution either C scale is used (99 parts of water are added to one part of the medicine for each dilution), or the X scale is used (9 parts of water are added to one part of medicine for each dilution). The diluted tincture is dispensed with milk sugar pellets.


Homeopathy remedies are not made from chemicals. These medicines affect the body's energy rather than its chemical balance. Homeopathy remedies are safe, usually do not have any side effects like the conventional medicines. These medicines do not disturb digestive system, lower the immune system as antibiotics and don’t cause structural damage. Overdose with homeopathic medicine is not possible like allopathic medicine, hence homeopathic remedies not hazardous. They kindle the body's reactive forces strongly and should be treated with prudence.



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