How to Have a Great Date on a Budget

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May 16, 2012

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How to Have a Great Date on a Budget

A date isn’t always an expensive affair. You can enjoy a date on a tight budget as well for which you need to consider some dating ideas that are light on your pocket.


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Some of the exciting dating ideas that won’t cost you a fortune are listed below:

1. Invite him/her Home

Instead of hanging out with your date, you may want to invite and impress your date. There are innumerable things that you two may do together at home such as preparing food together, watching a movie at home and playing cards. You may also prepare your partner’s favourite delicacy and impress him/her with your culinary skills. These activities will surely make your date interesting and help you to take your relationship forward.


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2. Take him/her to a Live Event

Check out the event calendar of your city to look up for music or art shows. Most of the cities have free folk concerts, orchestra sessions, photography exhibitions, movie screenings and theatre throughout the year. Opt for these events and follow them up with an affordable bottle of wine and snacks in the evening.

3. Take a Walk

A stroll past the boulevard outlined by rows of trees or a walk in the garden is a romantic dating idea. There will be no distractions and disturbances around you to bother the conversation and more importantly, your privacy.

4. Explore Places

Just like a picnic, you may explore interesting places in and around your city. You can visit nearby countryside, a pond or a river. Explore and enjoy places of interest in the presence of your date.

5. Window Shopping

Everyone loves shopping! Instead of hitting the malls and expensive shopping arcades, visit a reckoned flea market or a place known for window shopping. The place will also provide you the opportunity to gift less-expensive souvenir to your partner.

6. Catch the Twilight

Colours of nature in the form of a sunrise or sunset is spectacular. These will be even more delighting if you have your date with you. Watching sun merge with earth is another romantic way to spend time together.

7. Sports/Games at nearby Club

You may visit a club near your place that has games and sports facilities. Have fun and frolic when sporting together. Alternatively, you may go for virtual gaming on play stations or Nintendo.

8. Adventurous Pursuit

Find all the options available in and around the city for adventurous dating. Few ideas you may consider are rafting, bungee jumping or camping.


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