How to Get Rid of Boring Blind Dates

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Jul 11, 2011

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How to get rid of boring blind dates

People often expect blind dates to be adventure rides and in turn get disappointed. So be prepared for blind date without expecting much or at least have realistic expectations.

If you find yourself stuck in a boring date then you have two options. You can either get rid of your date or you can transform your boring date into a fun and enjoyable experience by keeping a positive frame of mind.


Blind dates can turn out to be boring because it involves strangers. It is likely that you are not aware of the likes and dislikes of the person. The very first step of staying away from a boring blind date is trying to get to know the person beforehand. You can either ask your common friend about the person or can directly have a short chit-chat session on the phone. While planning the date if you suspect that the person is not your type then you can politely say ‘no’.


Give it an honest shot before labelling the date as boring. Try to to understand the real cause of boredom i.e. whether it is due to personality difference or simply because both of you are taking time to know each other. The person may be not be perfect for you but can turn out to be a good friend later.


Another way to get rid of a boring blind date is to simply make an excuse and step out. Before going on a date you can tell your freind to call you at a particular time. You can use this call as an excuse to leave and get rid of the boring date.


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